Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blogs of the week!

Our recent feature is "Blogs of the Week." Each week, we will feature a reader blog (which has to be sent to us) and an author blog (which can either be sent to us, or we'll pick one at random). Please check out the blogs we are sharing. We're sure the bloggers would love some friendly comments on their posts or a follow.

To have your blog featured for a future shout out, please e-mail us. The blogs can be anything: personal, book themed or something else you're interested in that you write about (movies, fashion, pets, career, etc.)


Queen of Reading

After spending time reading Chick Lit Central and winning tons of contests on various sites, Michele W. realized that she had amazing books in her possession. Since she had all these books, she decided that she too was going to start a blog to share her opinions about books. While her opinions on some may be brief, how she feels about the books is strongly displayed. Michele reads various chick lit books. She also posts about things that interest her, and that may interest others as well. Basically, she vents feelings about life, books she has read or plan to read and everything in between! So please stop by and say hello! She would love to hear from everyone! You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.


The Eco-chain of Dating: Life in LA

Courtney Hamilton is an author who is going to be e-publishing a book called "The Eco-Chain of Dating: Life in LA", a novel about four female "Civilian" friends (non-celebrities) who attempt to enter 'A Level" Los Angeles Society (not an oxymoron) -- the LA Royalty level-- by climbing their way up the LA Eco-Chain of Dating.

She has created a website to support her novel. She would greatly appreciate any thoughts or comments that you or any of your readers might have regarding the website.

Her blog was created to talk about the issues of dating and surviving in Los Angeles as a female "Civilian." As dating is difficult for everyone (even celebrities!!), she helps readers "survive" by commenting on the dating/romantic issues of Celebrities and "A Level" LA Royalty.

You can find Courtney and her blog on Facebook and Twitter.

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