Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blogs of the week

Our recent feature is "Blogs of the Week." Each week, we will feature a reader blog (which has to be sent to us) and an author blog (which can either be sent to us, or we'll pick one at random). This is our first week doing it and we hope to keep the momentum going for a while. Please check out the blogs we are sharing. I'm sure the bloggers would love some friendly comments on their posts or a follow.

To have your blog featured for a future shout out, please e-mail us. The blogs can be anything: personal, book themed or something else you're interested in that you write about (movies, fashion, pets, career, etc.)


Books Etc.

Kaley Stewart has been surrounded by books for as long as she can remember and loves to review and talk about them to anyone and everyone. In her blog, Books Etc., she reads and reviews mostly chick lit novels, but there are a few other types of novels thrown in throughout (ie "The Help," "Discovery of Witches"). There will also be occasional posts that are about a book, series or author and won't strictly be a review (Such as some posts about Harry Potter.) You can follow Kaley on Twitter.


The Cozy Chicks are five authors of chick lit-ish cozy mysteries.

They are:

Ellery Adams / Jennifer (JB Stanley)
Deb Baker / Hannah Reed
Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett
Kate Collins
Maggie Sefton
Leann Sweeney
& Heather Webber / Heather Blake

They blog every day of the week on whatever topic tickles their fancy. Whether it is about curling up with a good book, recipes...or even baseball! You never know what we're up to until you visit. Visit them on Facebook and Twitter.


Anne R. Allen said...

Thanks so much for both these sites. I'm going to follow both!

Books Etc. said...

Thanks ladies!!! :)