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Sariah Wilson walks the red a book giveaway

With Oscars night right around the corner (March 10th, for anyone who doesn't have it on their calendar yet), Sariah Wilson is here to share her thoughts on this topic. She's a pop culture queen (which is why Melissa adores her) and we really enjoyed reading her answers to our most pressing, Oscars-related questions. Her latest rom-com, Hypnotized by Love, releases tomorrow and she has one copy to share with a lucky reader!

A passionate believer in happily-ever-afters, Sariah Wilson and her own soulmate live in Utah with their four children and the two family cats. Her belief in true love has inspired several bestselling rom-coms including CINDER-NANNY, THE PAID BRIDESMAID, ROOMAID and THE SEAT FILLER, as well as such bestselling romance series as End of the Line (THE FRIEND ZONE, JUST A BOYFRIEND); Lovestruck (#STARSTRUCK, #MOONSTRUCK, #AWESTRUCK); Ugly Stepsisters (THE UGLY STEPSISTER STRIKES BACK; PROMPOSAL), Royals of Monterra (ROYAL DATE, ROYAL CHASE, ROYAL GAMES, ROYAL DESIGN).

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Mason’s life hasn’t gone according to plan. His latest novel was a flop, and the only gig he can land is writing a scathing exposé of his hometown hypnotist, Savannah. But in order to write an authentic article, he has to be a willing participant. Hypnosis is the last thing he expected: he’s shedding his negative nature and opening himself up to new experiences…and when a fire alarm interrupts their session, Mason walks out into the real world entranced and sporting a sunny disposition and a tendency to say yes.

Hypnotized Mason is fearless, revealing things he’s never told a soul, acting completely out of character, and leading Savannah on a frantic chase to keep him safe. He likes his new self. The problem is, so does Savannah. She can’t fall in love with a man who’s in a trance, but can she keep him still long enough to get him to snap out of it?

Hypnotist Savannah Sinclair is known for helping clients overcome their deep-rooted issues, from anxiety to addiction. But her nontraditional approach also attracts plenty of skeptics—including her high school nemesis and rival, Mason Beckett, who just so happens to be the boy who broke her heart. (Courtesy of Amazon.)

Early five-star reviews on Amazon:
"I absolutely loved this book. It was easy to connect with the characters. It will have you frustrated, excited, rooting for love and feeling the love. I had to restrain myself from reading it in one sitting and skipping work. A good, clean romance. I just say I was waiting for a good love scene but was not disappointed that there were no steamy scenes."

"What can I say.... I laughed, I cried, and I felt hard. I actually enjoyed it all from the lead characters perspective. A lot of books nowadays go back and forth between characters but I forgot how much I missed a singular point of view. She is most women's brain, the ones that are super emotional anyway like me. It was so good!! I highly suggest giving it a go." 
--Robin B

"I've read a lot by Sariah, and this is probably in my top 5 favorites from her. She does a wonderful job of fleshing out her characters. I also appreciate that she doesn't need vulgar language or too much spice to further her stories. I look forward to all her future releases!"
--A Reads A Lot

"This was a story I was happy to keep coming back to. You know the author did well when you find ways to sneak and read. I enjoyed the character and the flirty banter. I hope there will be a book for Sierra. First time reading this author and I’ll definitely look for more by her."

Which movie are you rooting for to win Best Picture this year?

I am rooting so, so hard for Barbie to win Best Picture. I’m sure it won’t because the things I love never usually win at the Oscars, but Barbie should take every category. It was an amazing movie.

Which Best Picture win, from any year, were you most excited about?

It was 1996. I was in my senior year of college and I had gotten a wee bit obsessed with Scottish history (and I only recently discovered last year that I’m a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce, one of my all-time favorite historical figures). Anyway, I had done a paper on William Wallace, comparing the 1995 movie about him to a poem written by Blind Harry in the fifteenth century and a fictional rendering of the story from the nineteenth century. I was very, very into the movie Braveheart when it came out (we didn’t know about Mel Gibson back then). I watched the ceremony live, completely caught up and eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winner. I stood up and started cheering when the movie won, and a friend who lived in the apartment across the hall came running into my apartment and screamed with me (everyone knew how much I was rooting for that movie). I’ll never forget my door flying open and Tina standing there with her arms in the air, whooping and hollering. LOL

If you were to wear an outfit to walk on the red carpet, what would it look like?
I am not a fashion girl, and I might actually have a red carpet in my future this year (I had a director friend invite me to the premiere of his movie, but no idea when that will be yet as there isn’t an official date). And I am spending an inordinate amount of time trying to find something to wear. I don’t know what the season will be and obviously you’d wear different dresses for different times of the year, or whether it’ll be a daytime premiere or evening premiere and whether or not there will be a dress code. I have specific styles that look better on me than others, and certain colors. So currently I have like a hundred tabs open on my phone as I try to find a dress that might work. Which means I can’t tell you yet what I would wear until I can start narrowing stuff down.
Who is your favorite Oscars host?
I can tell you who should be the Oscars host, as many of them have been truly terrible (looking at you, James Franco) and so I don’t have a favorite host from years past, but let’s give Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph any salary they want to do it. No one hosts as well as those ladies and I’m not sure why they don’t host every award ceremony in existence.
Do you have any Oscars night traditions?
I do not have any traditions. I used to watch it more than I do now, and I used to watch it live. Now I just record it and skip through the stuff I’m not interested in to see the things that I am (like how wonderful was Ke Huy Quan winning last year? I teared up! And Olivia Colman. I don’t care what Olivia Colman has won she will be the most entertaining thing you’ll see the entire night).
If you could come up with a fun new Oscars category, what would it be? 
If I could come up with a fun new category, it would be “Best Picture of Movies You Actually Watched Last Year.” I’m much more of a commercial/genre movie fan than I am of artistic/Oscar-bait stuff, so most years I haven’t even heard of most of the movies nominated for Best Picture. Let’s give the fans the stuff they really care about!
Thanks to Sariah for chatting with us and for sharing her book with our readers.

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