Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Book Review: A Twisted Love Story

By Allyson Bales

Wes and Ivy are madly in love. They've never felt anything like it. It's the type of romance people write stories about.

But what kind of story?

When it's good, it's great. Flowers. Grand gestures. Deep meaningful conversations where the whole world disappears.

When it's bad, it's really bad. Vengeful fights. Damaged property. Arrest warrants.

But their vicious cycle of catastrophic breakups and head-over-heels reconciliations needs to end fast. Because suddenly, Wes and Ivy have a common enemy--and she's a detective.

There's something Wes and Ivy never talk about--in good times or bad. The night of their worst breakup, when one of them took things too far, and someone ended up dead.

If they can stick together, they can survive anything--even the tightening net of a police investigation.

Because one more breakup might just be their last… (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

HOLY BINGE!  I started this one on audio on my way to work and knew immediately I was going to be spending a good amount of my day trying to sneak read every chance I got.  

This is my first Samantha Downing book and to say I am now a loyal fan, is an understatement!  Her writing is captivating with the perfect amount of detail and anticipation.  There is strong character development, my favorite, and short chapters that make this the perfect beach read.  

Here’s another read that I do not want to give too much detail about as I went in blind and am so glad I did but the gist is, Ivy and Wes met in college and have been toxically dating on and off for ten years.  There are highs and lows to their relationship, like all relationships, but the lows between Wes and Ivy are deadly.  You will love the twists and turns and at first both were very unlikeable to me, but by the end I was weirdly rooting for them. 

I also really enjoy the multiple points of view of the story and how much deeper this story is than just one about twisted love.   You get to meet a pretty determined and sassy detective named Karen and where her story line goes was very intriguing.

I highly recommend the audio of this book as well.  I transitioned back and forth with the physical and audio copy and Karissa Vacker’s narration was perfection.  Definitely one of my favorite thrillers of the summer!

Thanks to Berkley for the book in exchange for an honest review. Purchase A Twisted Love Story here.

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