Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Around the world with Jennifer Hamm....plus a book giveaway

Today we are pleased to welcome Jennifer Hamm and celebrate the publication of her debut novel, One Friday in Napa. We enjoyed getting to know her and we hope you will too. Thanks to BookSparks, we have one copy to give away!

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jennifer Hamm graduated with a BA in English at UCLA and began her writing career developing screenplays for movies and television. As a travel writer, she has covered the globe on assignment for various magazines and brands. She also writes It’s Only for A Year, a long-running blog chronicling her adventures raising her four boys in two countries. Hamm currently splits her time between London and Los Angeles. Visit Jennifer at her website and on Instagram.

Vene feels like she and her mother have always been at odds—since she was a child, the first word she used to describe Olivia was “cold.” When news of her mother’s imminent death comes, Vene returns to her family’s home in Napa to see if their strained relationship can be mended, only to find Olivia as harsh as ever and their reconciliation seemingly unreachable.

But when Vene stumbles upon Olivia’s old cookbook, she discovers a passion within her mother she didn’t know existed. The clipped tone and quick judgments of her dying mother don’t match the young woman whose voice she finds between the pages—one that tells a story of romance, longing, duty, and aching heartbreak. Curiosity consumes Vene, and she embarks on an intimate journey to learn about the Olivia she never got to meet—before it’s too late.

A captivating story told in alternating perspectives a half-century apart, One Friday in Napa explores the pains and joys of devotion as two women learn the price of loyalty, the power of secrets, and the meaning of sacrifice. (Courtesy of Amazon.)

“Hamm delivers to her readers an intimate view of a family and gracefully sifts through the longing and disappointment that all too often accompany love.”
—Corie Adjmi, author of The Marriage Box and Life and Other Shortcomings

One Friday in Napa is a cross-generational story of losing love and finding it in unexpected places. A delicious read!”
—Miranda Heller, #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Paper Palace

“Exquisitely written, Jennifer Hamm insightfully explores a mother and daughter's journey to forgiveness. Her ability to delicately weave two different time periods side by side while uncovering rich, in-depth characters makes One Friday in Napa a powerful novel you won’t want to miss.”
—Kim Raver, actress, director, and producer

In one sentence, what was the road to publishing like for you?
It was like running a marathon with a bruised ankle, believing always that I’d cross the finish line with a good time. 

Which of your lead characters could you relate to most?
Hmm, that’s tricky. Both women are layered and not very straight-forward. Probably Olivia as she is the ultimate care taker, even though that isn’t obvious. I’d love to be a little more like Vene, more instinctual about choices. There’s such a freedom in that.

If One Friday in Napa were made into a movie, who would you cast in the leading roles?
Well, as I’m writing the movie script right now, that is a great question! Two great roles for women for sure, as Olivia in the 1940’s could be aged to play Olivia in the 1990’s. Emily Blunt is forever in my head. Her grace and depth are always extraordinary. Vene is Natalie Portman😊 A girl can dream…

Which TV series are you currently binge watching?
The Bear. Oooooh it’s so good.

What is something you are looking forward to this autumn?

My husband has been working in Italy so I’m going to join him and relocate to Rome for a little while. I was definitely Italian in another life! I love it there.

If we were to visit you right now, what are some places you would take us to see?

I was born and bred in Los Angeles – a rarity for sure. I’d take you to my favorite hike up Temescal Canyon and then straight to the beach. I also split my time in London so we’d have to visit the Petersham Nurseries near my house for the most incredible farm to table food around.

Thanks to Jennifer for chatting with us and to BookSparks for sharing her book with our readers.

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Rita Wray said...

I don't use a cookbook. I find a lot of good recipes online.

traveler said...

My favorite cookbook which I refer to frequently is one that was given to me as a gift when I was engaged many years ago. It is called A Treasure for my Daughter.

Robyn said...

This book looks amazing.

Mary C said...

I don't have a go to cookbook. Many of the recipes I use I learned from my Mom.

diannekc said...

I don't have a go to cookbook. Use family recipes and get recipes online.

Anonymous said...

Susieqlaw: my favorite cookbook is one my friend gave me that her church published. Also, I love Katie Lee’s cookbooks.

Lisa D said...

I don't have a go-to cookbook as I just tend to make the same meals over and over and I already know how to cook them!

Mary Preston said...

A scrapbook of recipes I put together myself.

Suburban prep said...

I have a few but one that I have been reaching for time and again lately is(Midwest Made).

Mary Patricia Bird said...

My go-to now is the internet... usually Allrecipes.com. I don't cook much anymore though.

Nancy P said...

My imagination. My sons would say the most common dish served in our household was 'Improvision' based on what was in the fridge (waste not, want not). Wasn't unusual to splice together several recipes or add/omit things making it my own...not always successful but never boring.

Nancy P said...
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Lelandlee said...

No cookbook, just recipes that has been passed down

bn100 said...


rubynreba said...

I use a cookbook our church put together. It has favorite recipes from church members.

pippirose said...

I use a variety of cookbooks, but the easiest and best recipes are from Jean Pare's cookbook collection.