Monday, August 28, 2023

Book Review: The Boat House

By Sara Steven

Max Hunter, my boyfriend, booked the beautiful boat house on the Norfolk Broads as a surprise autumn break. A week away to heal after a fraught few months following my father’s death. A chance to put the lies and secrets behind us and to start afresh. But in the silence it feels like someone is out there. Watching, waiting and taunting me. When strange things begin to happen, I know this isn't going to be the relaxing break it’s supposed to be. As I become more jumpy, Max’s patience begins to wear thin. He thinks I am imagining things. But he doesn't know the huge secret I am keeping, so big it could destroy us. I have every right to be fearful and I have to make sure he never finds out the truth. But what if I am already too late? (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.)

Another suspenseful thriller from Keri Beevis! I woke up in the middle of the night, decided to pick up where I’d left off with The Boat House, and had to finish it. It is so gripping, I had no choice but to do that, so I could see what would happen next. 

It starts out under the guise of a sweet little break for Emily and her boyfriend, Max, along with their dog too. But much like a literary onion, there were a lot of deeper layers to this story that slowly became revealed to the reader, in the best ways and pacing possible. I never felt as though the plot sped up too quickly or slowed down to where I’d lost interest. We discover why there is contention between Emily and Max. Why someone is keeping tabs on them. And the secrets! There are many exposures from character to character. 

There were moments where I’d felt absolute irritation towards Max. Emily is relaying her fears to him and he doesn’t take her seriously. A constant denial build-up that eventually leads the two of them into danger. Then there is Emily. I really wanted her to stand her ground more and stick up for herself, but I felt both characters were very true to their characterizations. Max seems to have a hard time trusting other people’s instincts, while Emily has a lot of inner frailties that stem from her childhood and recent events in her life. The two together created instant issues that they have to try to work through, in order to survive.

The last ¾ of the book was so riveting! I wasn’t sure how it would end. And then there’s the last chapter, where we get to see where everyone ends up. Bone chilling. It really was the perfect way to end The Boat House. The whole experience was a scary five-star adventure and worth the read!

Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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