Monday, August 29, 2022

Spotlight: The Newlyweds' Window

Who are Africa's most promising emerging short story writers? Mukana Press sought to answer this question by scouting the continent for largely undiscovered talent. The Result? This Collection!

Africa's stories have largely been relegated to themes of poverty, and war; yet there is so much more brilliance, texture, and layers to our stories. This collection seeks to provide a platform for the rest of the world to become acquainted with the excellence of talent outside of the mainstream, as well as tell our stories from fresh vantage points.

A young woman creates an alternative identity on social media in Nigeria, a little girl discovers hidden photographs of the father she never met, a serial killer stalks his victims, a woman watches the evolution of a newlywed couple's relationship through their window in Zanzibar. The stories in this collection are eclectic, breathtaking, and illuminate readers to an Africa that has largely been left untold. (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

The Newlyweds’ Window by Mukana Press contained some of the best short stories I have ever read. Not one of these tales failed to capture my rapt attention over what would happen next. If you enjoy short stories, or stories full of drama, suspense, mystery, and excitement, this book is for you.” 
– Seattle Book Review

“Each story offers something brilliantly new and wholly irresistible, meaning that the book, when taken as a whole, presents a cohesive collection of tales that render the reader incapable of tearing their eyes away, like a curious neighbor caught in the act of peering out their window onto a world that both dazzles the mind and delights the soul.” 
– Portland Book Review

Mukana means “opportunity” in Shona, a language spoken in Southern Africa. Their Press was formed out of a desire to give writers from underrepresented communities the opportunity to share their work. They seek to champion authors from Africa, South America, The Middle East, and Asia. In a world where publishing hubs are predominantly in the west, minority writers the world over often lack access. Their mission is to increase representation and diversity among published authors. Mukana Press’s team comprises African writers, poets, and journalists living in the United States, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and Kenya 

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