Friday, August 26, 2022

Book Review: Tell Me Everything

By Becky Gulc

‘Would you entrust your life choices to someone hell-bent on avoiding theirs?

Natasha has everything under control, at least that's what her clients think. As a therapist, she has all the answers but when it comes to her personal life, she seriously needs to start taking her own advice.

Still living with her ex-girlfriend, Natasha's messy love life is made up of dates and one-night stands. After all, why would you commit to one person, when there is an endless stream of people waiting for you to swipe right? Besides, people always leave.

But when Margot arrives on the scene, everything changes. Flailing between mending long broken relationships and starting new ones, Natasha's walking the line between self-actualisation and self-destruction... With denial no longer an option, it is time for Natasha to take control of her own happiness’. (Courtesy of Amazon UK.)

As the synopsis outlines, Natasha is a therapist, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that means she is somewhat ‘together’ although this is far from the case sometimes; particularly with regards to her love life. Why has she continued to live with her ex-girlfriend Georgia for so long after they split up? Will new relationships and encounters be the fresh starts they both need? Natasha might only be ready to face the future if she can face the past, and she’s not quite ready for that when we meet her. 

I raced through this book and devoured it all, it was fresh, fun, and warm. The characters are great. Natasha has some fantastic friends and a twin sister whom I could all see being the main characters in their own novels, there’s so much more of them to uncover! It really makes you think about what love means and love just shone from the page at times, even if the characters couldn’t always see what was right in front of their faces! And it’s not always romantic love, the love of family we’re born with and the family we make for ourselves is such an important thread in this novel and the balance was spot on. Similarly the balance between humour and emotion is also spot on, and I just loved that it provided both in bucket loads!

My only very slight quibble was that the ending felt a little rushed due to a time-skip of several months and I would have perhaps preferred to stay in the present somehow as the story was tied up. 

I was lucky enough to be sent Tell Me Everything for review and I wholeheartedly recommend this book and I’ll definitely be getting my hands on The Split which was Laura’s debut novel. 

Thanks to Quercus for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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