Monday, August 15, 2022

Book Review: Someone Else's Honeymoon

By Sara Steven

When Charley finds herself suddenly single on Christmas Day it feels like her world has fallen apart.

Forced to move back in with her parents, she embarks on a journey of re-invention. When she meets Ed, who is on honeymoon alone after being jilted at the altar by a bride he's never met, it looks like her life may be taking a turn for the better.

Fate, however, has other ideas, and she and Ed are forced apart.

Will she find her way back to him, or are they just not meant to be? (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads)

I love the very first paragraph that starts off Someone Else’s Honeymoon: “A toothbrush. That’s what finally unraveled just over ten years of Josh and me. A fu***** toothbrush–can you believe it?” Right there, I knew I would be in for an interesting ride where relationships are concerned, and Charley’s experience doesn’t disappoint. There is a lot more involved than just the toothbrush and why she finds herself alone on Christmas Day. And all of it is the catalyst for the fateful trip she takes with her parents, discovering Ed. 

Charley is a likable character. Immediately you root for her, given the circumstances. It was also fun to witness the slow transformation of someone who has been stuck in a rut within a dead end relationship, and how she comes out of that. I think a lot of people can relate to that; finding the strength to go on without the person you’ve been with for so long. The struggle was shown well within the writing. 

It was fun to witness the budding relationship between Charley and Ed. It was an accidental romance in a sense, considering how they meet and what lends into the two of them even having a chance at something more. The scenario surrounding why Ed is on his own “vacation” was an interesting twist to things, too, one I didn’t see coming for Charley. 

The start of the story began with a bang in a sense, with the whole toothbrush debacle, and then it slowed down for me until about the middle. I kept waiting to see how Charley, or anyone else, would be on someone else's honeymoon, and when we discover that, the story begins to roll along again at a nice pace. Overall, I really enjoyed Charley’s experiences and misadventures with her love life, along with the road she takes while rediscovering herself. It was a sweet summer read. 

Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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