Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Hard to let go of Rochelle B. Weinstein...plus a book giveaway

We are thrilled to have Rochelle B. Weinstein back at CLC today to celebrate the publication of her latest novel, When We Let Go! We've heard some great buzz about this novel and Melissa is excited to read it soon. In the meantime, check out Jenny's review at Book Coffee Happy. Rochelle is here to chat with us about the novel and share some other fun facts. Thanks to Get Red PR, we have one copy to give away!

Rochelle B. Weinstein is the USA Today and Amazon bestselling author of  emotionally driven women’s fiction, including When We Let Go, This Is Not  How It Ends, Somebody’s Daughter, Where We Fall, The Mourning After,  and What We Leave Behind. Rochelle spent her early years, always with a  book in hand, raised by the likes of Sidney Sheldon and Judy Blume. A  former entertainment industry executive, she splits her time between sunny  South Florida and the mountains of North Carolina. When she’s not writing,  Rochelle can be found hiking, reading, and searching for the world’s best  nachos. She is currently working on her seventh novel.

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When Avery Beckett is proposed to by Jude Masters, a widowed father and the man she loves, it should be a time of great joy. Instead, Avery is on edge. She’s wary of the idea of family, doubtful of happy endings, and too afraid to take the leap. It’s the kind of fear that comes from having secrets.

Before Avery commits to a new life, she must reconcile with the one she left behind.

When Avery returns to her childhood farm in the North Carolina mountains, she’s surprised to be saddled with a companion: Jude’s teenage daughter, Elle, who’s grappling with the loss of her mother and the complicated emotions of first love. On a path of mending wounds and breaking down walls, Avery and Elle form an unexpected alliance. It’s giving them the courage to move forward. And for Avery, everything she needs to confront the past.

An emotional tale of mothers and daughters, loss and acceptance, When We Let Go is about the lessons that come from heartbreak and the healing it takes to embrace the joy of a second chance. (Courtesy of Amazon.)

“Every one of Rochelle Weinstein’s novels is compulsively readable—but  When We Let Go takes her enviable talent to the next level. Insightful,  exacting, and brimming with empathy, this story of second chances is  Weinstein at her very best.” 
—Camille Pagán, Bestselling Author of Everything Must Go 

“In When We Let Go, Rochelle Weinstein writes of Avery, a woman who  finds herself on a trip to confront the painful losses of her past while forging  an unlikely intergenerational bond with her fiancée’s teenage daughter.  With the strong voice and insightful prose for which she has become  known, Weinstein builds a powerful and memorable story of homecoming,  first love, second chances, the truths that set us free and the families we  find for ourselves.” 
—Pam Jenoff, NYT Bestselling Author of The Woman with the Blue Star  

What is something new that you learned while writing When We Let Go
Oh gosh. Where to begin? That I needed to let go of stuff? Yes. That. And I learned all about fly-fishing which I'm absolutely fascinated with. It's not just a sport. It's a lifestyle. There's so much to learn about patience, timing, and the scenery. I think I learned to breathe again.

How is Avery similar to or different from you? 
Like a lot of my characters/books, there are parts of me sprinkled throughout. Avery and I share a passion for the outdoors and nature, and we're both strong-willed and super independent. Where we differ is in the way she holds back. I am an open book; sometimes to a fault.

If When We Let Go was made into a movie, what songs would be on the soundtrack? 
Funny you should ask! I have an entire playlist, but here are just a few of my favorites: 
Coldplay and The Chainsmokers, “Something Just Like This”
Martin Garrix and Khalid, “Ocean” 
Katy Perry, “I Kissed A Girl”
Maddie Poppe, “Losing You”
Blake Shelton, “Honey Bee”

What is the last movie you saw that you would recommend? 
CODA! I can't say enough about this film. Both heart-breaking and heart-warming. The feel-good movie of the decade. I still think about the characters and recommend it to anyone I speak to.

What is your go-to breakfast item? 
Ugh. I'm not really a breakfast eater. In fact, I'd give it up and be just fine with lunch and dinner. If pressed, it's chocolate chip pancakes and bacon very well done. The perfect blend of sweet and salty.

What is something you had a good laugh about recently? 
This literally happened yesterday. The flyer for my launch event with a color picture of me is circulating around our building. I was in the elevator (un-showered, with my glasses on) with a couple who were holding it in their hands less than a foot from me. No recognition whatsoever. In fact, they asked if I knew this author and if was going! Hilarious.

Thanks to Rochelle for visiting with us and Get Red PR for sharing her book with our readers.

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Melissa said...

Unfortunately for me, what I struggle to let go of is a lot of what happened during my teen years. It was when a lot of physical and emotional struggles began for me, which ended up influencing the rest of my life and the decisions I’ve made.

Kelley said...

I’m having a hard time letting go of some past hurts. Tysm

Liz B said...

I'm looking forward to this book. So often it is the need to let go of the past that prevents us from moving forward.

Carla S. said...

I have trouble letting of memories of the past when I made less than smart decisions at the time.

traveler said...

It is very difficult to let go of being taken advantage of and hurt very badly by a close family member.

Susan Roberts said...

I am struggling to let go of my anger at my younger brother.

Rita Wray said...

Having a hard time letting go of people hurting my feelings.

Bonnie K. said...

I seem to have trouble letting go of previous hurts. It's not like it follows me daily, but they periodically come up during nighttime dreams.

dstoutholcomb said...

protecting my heart... I'll leave it at that.

Phyllis said...

What is something I can't let go of? Feeling hurt that my sister-in-law lied to me, more than once. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book. Can't wait to read it.

Mary C said...

Hurt caused by relatives.

Nancy said...

I can't let go of my watercolor art supplies.

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Mary Preston said...

My independence.

Dianne Casey said...

The distance I feel from my friend after an argument. We still see each other, but sometimes it just feels strained.

Nancy P said...

Trusting someone who calls me 'friend' but their actions sometimes say otherwise...

Linda Kish said...

I can't let go of physical items that remind me of my sister.

Anita Yancey said...

I have trouble letting go of betrayals.

Mary Patricia Bird said...

I can't let go of the way I was treated by friends during my high school years. Me being a third wheel made me the person I am today... bad in crowds, better one-on-one.

bn100 said...


Lelandlee said...


Xia Lee said...


Peggy Russo said...

I struggle to let go of the hurts inflicted by someone I should have been able to trust. A someone that should have protected me. The older I get the more it seems to surface.