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Stefanie London is like a dog with two a book giveaway

We are pleased to welcome Stefanie London to CLC today. Her latest novel, The Dachshund Wears Prada, published this week. Melissa enjoyed this novel and will be reviewing it soon. In the meantime, you can check out her Bookstagram post with her blurb about it. Thanks to Harlequin, we have THREE copies to give away!

Stefanie London is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. Her books have been called “genuinely entertaining and memorable” by Booklist, and her writing praised as “elegant, descriptive and delectable” by RT Magazine.
Originally from Australia, she now lives in Toronto with her very own hero and is doing her best to travel the world. She frequently indulges her passions for lipstick, good coffee, books and anything zombie related.

Visit Stefanie online:
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Social media consultant Isla Thompson learned that lesson the hard way when she went viral for all the wrong reasons. A month later, Isla is still having nightmares about the moment she made herself the most unemployable influencer in Manhattan and took another person’s career down with her. But she doesn’t have the luxury of hiding until she’s no longer Instagram poison. Not when her fourteen-year-old sister, Dani, needs Isla to keep a roof over their heads. So, she takes the first job she can get: caring for Camilla, a glossy-maned, foul-tempered hellhound.

After a week of ferrying Camilla from playdates to pet psychics, Isla starts to suspect that the dachshund’s bark is worse than her bite—just like her owner, Theo Garrison. Isla has spent her career working to make people likable and here’s Theo—happy to hide behind his reputation as a brutish recluse. But Theo isn’t a brute—he’s sweet and funny, and Isla should not see him as anything but the man who signs her paychecks. Because loving Theo would mean retreating to his world of secluded luxury, and Isla needs to show Dani that no matter the risk, dreams are always worth chasing.

THE DACHSHUND WEARS PRADA is a witty and warm romance about second chances, chasing what you deserve and one very sassy pup. 

"This is the romcom Carrie Bradshaw would have written if she were a dog person, and I'm obsessed!"
—Teri Wilson, USA Today bestselling author of A Spot of Trouble

“At turns both witty and tender, The Dachshund Wears Prada is a delightful treat of a novel, guaranteed to give you the warm fuzzies.”
USA Today bestselling author Melonie Johnson

What is a favorite compliment you have received on your writing?
This is a tough question! I appreciate every single compliment that readers give me, because knowing you enjoy my stories is one of the best feelings ever and it definitely helps when I’m on a deadline crunch. If I had to pluck out a specific comment, whenever someone tells me that my book is going on their keeper/re-read shelf… that never fails to put a huge smile on my face.
How is Isla similar to or different from you?
Isla and I do share a few qualities. We both have a desire to create something that brings positivity to the world. For her, it’s about creating a business that will support her sister’s dreams and help to create content for the internet that will make people smile and laugh. For me, that desire comes out in my writing, as I always try to write stories that leave people feeling warm and fuzzy after the happily ever after. 
We also both love animals, have a strong sense of responsibility and tend to beat ourselves up when we make a mistake. One thing I don’t share with Isla, however, is that she’s quite extroverted and is used to working in an environment where she meets new people all the time. I, on the other hand, am the cliché writer introvert who’s very happy to be on my own, dreaming up new stories.
If The Dachshund Wears Prada were made into a movie, who would you cast in the leading roles?
Talk about a dream come true! I’d need someone handsome and broody to play my Hermit of 5th Avenue hero, Theo Garrison. Since I love seeing Henry Cavill grunt his way through the Witcher series, he would be my top pick. For the loveable heroine Isla, I’d want actress with great humour delivery and for that I can’t go past Emilia Clarke, who played Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. 
What TV series are you currently binge watching?
I tend to watch more sport than tv shows, and a great crossover is the Drive to Survive docuseries on Netflix which follows the teams and drivers who race in Formula One. It’s a great introduction to the sport! Plus, there are already four seasons available which is perfect for a long weekend TV marathon.
What is the strangest dream you remember having?
I had a dream once where I was running through these orange tunnels and there was a giant spider chasing me. That’s probably more of a nightmare than a dream, though! 
If we were to visit you where you currently live, what are some places you would take us to see?
For the last eight years I’ve lived in Toronto. It’s a wonderful city and I definitely recommend doing these activities to anyone who visits:
*Catch a Blue Jays baseball game at the Rogers Centre, or watch the Raptors (our 2019 NBA champs!) play at the Air Canada Centre.
*Exploring the wineries in the Niagara region and catch a view of the Niagara Falls while you’re there.
*Eat. Toronto has an amazing food scene and you could eat out every night for a year without repeating a meal.
*Have a tourist day and visit Ripley’s Aquarium, the CN Tower, and the Royal Ontario Museum.
*Visit the amazing street art in Graffiti Alley and then explore the funky boutiques and eateries along Queen Street West.

Thanks to Stefanie for chatting with us and to Harlequin for sharing her book with our readers.

How to win: Use Rafflecopter to enter the giveaway. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. If you have trouble using Rafflecopter on our blog, enter the giveaway here

Giveaway ends May 10th at midnight EST.

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