Monday, May 16, 2022

Book Review: Brandy, You're a Fine Girl

By Cindy Roesel

It’s hard to imagine anyone not knowing the 1972 hit song, Brandy, You’re A Fine Girl by Elliot Laurie and performed by his band, Looking Glass. The song is celebrating its 50th anniversary and in Dee DeTarsio’s new novel, BRANDY, YOU’RE A FINE GIRL (Histria), the Brandy story doesn’t end when the music stops.

Barmaid Brandy is on the prowl for a sailor/husband who will help her escape from her dull and repulsive life at the local bar. Once she eyes the bait, she fakes a pregnancy hoping to lure him in. But when he doesn’t bite, she’s thrilled to be snatched up by Elliot, a nobleman in need of a wife and heir. Elliot is fast approaching his thirtieth birthday and if he doesn’t have a wife and heir by then, he loses his inheritance!

Once married, it’s time for Brandy to learn how to become the lady of the manor. Atsuko is in charge of hair and makeup, Mrs. Catarrh is her tutor, Ray Ray teaches her how to dance and Gordy gets the toughest job, trying to teach her manners and turn her into a lady! Good luck. She eats up all the attention and believes she's really something special. Elliot’s odd friends try to accept the bitch she has become, but with no "thank yous" or "pleases," it’s not easy.

But remember, Brandy isn’t really pregnant. Elliot has no desire to sleep with her and the calendar is fast approaching Elliot’s thirtieth. Tick! Tock! Enter Elliot’s best friend. Hello Beau – not much to look at, but he lays on the charm thick and Brandy is smitten! Is there enough time to produce an heir? What’s the real relationship between Elliot and Beau?

Dee DeTarsio has written a very funny book with characters that just jump off the page. The language can be a bit coarse but I promise, you’ll never hear the song, Brandy, You’re A Fine Girl the same again!

Thanks to Dee DeTarsio for the book in exchange for an honest review. She highly recommends listening to this a cappella version of "Brandy."

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Dee DeTarsio said...

Thank you so much Cindy for your fun review of Brandy, You're a Fine Girl! I had a lot of fun with Brandy and I hope readers( and fans of the song) do as well! Singer/Songwriter, Elliot Lurie, gave me his blessing--he is just as lovely as his voice! Thank you again!

The Reading Frenzy said...

Not only will I be humming the song (and aging myself) all day but I'm definitely looking this one up too. Thanks!