Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Spending the summer with Kerry Lonsdale...plus a book giveaway

Today we welcome back Kerry Lonsdale to celebrate the publication of her latest novel, Last Summer. Melissa A enjoyed this book and knows you will too. (See her review.) It's a stand-alone, so we're not spoiling anything by sharing the synopsis this time. Kerry has one copy for a lucky reader!

Amazon Charts, Wall Street Journal, and #1 Amazon Kindle bestselling author Kerry Lonsdale writes standalone and series based emotionally charged domestic drama, family suspense, and women’s fiction. Her books are sold worldwide in more than 28 countries and are being translated into 24 languages (and counting). Co-founder of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, an international organization that boasts over 1,000 writers, Kerry resides in Northern California with her husband, two children, two naughty kitties, and an aging Golden Retriever convinced she’s still a puppy. (Bio courtesy of Kerry's website.)

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Lifestyle journalist Ella Skye remembers every celebrity she interviewed, every politician she charmed between the sheets, and every socialite who eyed her with envy. The chance meeting with her husband, Damien; their rapid free fall into love; and their low-key, intimate wedding are all locked in her memory. But what she can’t remember is the tragic car accident that ripped her unborn child from her. Ella can’t even recall being pregnant.

Hoping to find the memories of a lost pregnancy that’s left her husband devastated and their home empty, Ella begins delving into her past when she’s assigned an exclusive story about Nathan Donovan, a retired celebrity adventurer who seems to know more about her than she does him. To unravel the mystery of her selective memory loss, Ella follows Nathan from the snowcapped Sierra Nevada to the frozen slopes of southeast Alaska. There she discovers the people she trusts most aren’t the only ones keeping secrets from her—she’s hiding them from herself. Ella quickly learns that some truths are best left forgotten.
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What is a favorite compliment you have received for your writing?
One word: unputdownable. To hear from a reader that they couldn’t put your book down, that they were so engrossed in the story that they read the book in one sitting? It’s the best feeling ever. I’ve been fortunate to receive such a compliment many times over for each one of my books, including Last Summer.

What were the biggest rewards and challenges with writing Last Summer?
The biggest reward from writing Last Summer is the feedback I’ve received so far on the book. The early reader reviews have blown me away. I’m so pleased with how well the book has been received by readers.

The biggest challenge though was finishing the manuscript. The plot is complex and it took additional rewrites and a deep edit that emotionally took it’s toll. I was exhausted by the time the book reached my level of expectations. The blood, sweat, and tears were worth it. I’m tremendously pleased with the story’s execution.

If Last Summer were made into a movie, what are some songs that would be on the soundtrack?
Last Summer would be amazing on the big screen, and I envision a soundtrack that’s as much of a rollercoaster as the story is itself. As you know, I crowdsourced input on tracks. I have to give a big shout-out to the Tikis in the Lounge, my top reader group, for their suggestions. In the end, I put together a playlist that includes songs from Eminem and Massive Attack (perfect for Damien, for reasons that’ll be obvious when the book is read) to Steppenwolf and Van Morrison (some of Nathan’s favorites).

Fun fact: Eminem’s "Lose Yourself" is a top track played by corporate executives to psyche themselves up, and "Family and Genus" by Shakey Graves (also on the Last Summer playlist) is a top track played by downhill skiers and extreme sport enthusiasts. Nathan Donovan, one of the main characters, is a celebrity adventurer. Oh! Readers can find my Last Summer playlist here.

What is the last book you read that you would recommend?
The last book I read was The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth, a page-turning women’s fiction suspense. I also enjoyed Victoria Helen Stone’s False Step, the first thriller of hers that I’ve read. And the most recent romance I read was Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game. That was a fun read, and I recommend them all.

What is a favorite memory of yours from last summer?
Sunny, my Golden Retriever, only retrieves two things, driftwood and seaweed, and she’ll only retrieve when we toss those items into water. I know, she’s weird.

Last Summer we camped at Lake Almanor in northern California. Sunny could see the water from our RV site. When we took her for walks, she knew she’d get the chance to play in the water. On the way to the shore, she’d pick up a random stick and carry it the entire walk, something she never does. We’d reach the shore and she’d drop the stick at my husband’s feet. She’d then bound into the water, do an about face, and wait, tail wagging. My husband would overhand the stick and Sunny retrieve it. And like a kid who wouldn’t get out of the pool, we’d have to drag Sunny from the lake. She’d stay there all day if we let her.

She’s twelve now, and slowing down. I’ll never forget her playfulness with water.

What is the strangest thing currently residing in your purse/handbag?
I’m embarrassed to admit that it’s an empty lip balm cannister. Why? I have no clue. Maybe I left it there as a reminder that I need a new stick. It’s not working. I think it’s been in there for months (discreetly tosses old lip balm).

Thanks to Kerry for visiting with us and for sharing her book with our readers.

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Linda May said...

The book sounds like a great read, Thanks for your great generosity.

Nancy P said...

My favorite memory of last summer is spending time with my youngest son before he joined the Army. Thanks.

traveler said...

My summer was filled with lovely days taking care of my grandsons and granddaughters who enjoyed the fun.

Suburban prep said...

My husband took the day off of work and we spent it going to a farmer's market and then on a walk and to a raspberry patch to pick our own and then out to dinner with friends. It was just a nice day without rush.

Michelle L said...

My favorite memory from last summer is the day trip I took with my daughters to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Kathryn said...

Visiting the UK with my husband!

Lori Thomas said...

Visiting w/family that I don`t see all that often

diannekc said...

My favorite memory from last summer was spending time with my Sister in Michigan.

Mary C said...

My favorite memory from last summer is my nephew's wedding.

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Elena Y. said...

My favorite memory from last summer was spending time with family and trip to NY.

Mary Preston said...

Beach-combing comes to mind.

rubynreba said...

My favorite thing was my granddaughter's wedding.

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Peggy Russo said...

I got to spend 3 whole weeks visiting with my family and friends in northern New Jersey. It was awesome!

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Jennifer said...

We took a family trip to Boston that was wonderful.

Kelly Rodriguez said...

My favorite memory from last summer was a girls trip to Chicago with my sisters.

Anonymous said...

My daughter and her family moved back into the area after being away for 30 years. It was a surprise to them and to the family. Everyone is thrilled to have them back.

A. B. said...

I loved going by the lake.