Friday, December 28, 2018

2018 Favorites

There were so many great books published in 2018 that it was very hard to choose between them! Here are some of the books that topped our lists.

Melissa A:
1. The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain (Review)
2. How to Walk Away by Katherine Center (Review)
3. Limelight by Amy Poeppel (Review)
4. One Day in December by Josie Silver (Such a sweet story that would be a perfect rom com flick.)
5. Good Luck with That by Kristan Higgins (review) and The Accidental Beauty Queen by Teri Wilson (It's a tie...too hard to choose between them! They both made me smile and get teary-eyed.)

Favorite Short Story Collection: You Think It, I’ll Say It – Curtis Sittenfeld
Favorite Book about my Adoptive Home State: Florida – Lauren Groff
Favorite Social Justice Novel: An American Marriage – Tayari Jones
Favorite Campaign Novel: Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win -- Jo Piazza (read my review here)
Favorite “You Don’t Know Who Your Husband Really Is” Novel: Our House -- Louise Candlish (read my review here)

Miss You by Kate Eberlen (Review)
My favourite of the year, this novel has everything and it will be a rare book I keep to read again one day.

An Island Christmas (Christmas on the Island) by Jenny Colgan
One I've recently finished but just loved. I'm mad at myself for somehow missing Jenny's prequel to this novel as the characters are so engaging, i'll just have to go backwards!

How to be Happy by Eva Woods (Review)
I loved this book when I read it back in spring. What I didn't know then was how much more meaning it would have for me by the end of the year. In the past six months two family members have faced cancer, my Grandma is sadly no longer with us, my treasured mum is fighting it. I've looked back at this book over the past few months with fresh eyes and I try and carry the book's positivity with me during these difficult times.

It Started with a Tweet by Anna Bell (Review)
One of my favourite authors for delivering my kind of book each and every time. This book felt like a much needed digital detox in itself!

1. Anything from the Kinney Brothers book series from Kelsey Kingsley. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I will never say no to Last Chance to Fall. (Review)
2. The Port Elspeth Jewelry Making Club by Holly Tierney-Bedord. There are so many twists and turns to this story, it was a fun read! (Review)
3. I appreciated the unique story line to One in a Million by Lindsey Kelk. A little bit of My Fair Lady, mixed in with She's All That, with a twist. (Review)
4. In a Jam by Cindy Dorminy. I loved the characters and the small-town nostalgia, along with the remarkable friendships formed. (Review)


Janine said...

It's hard for me to pick favorites. I have read quite a few that I really liked. I liked y'all's lists. I got some good recommendations from it.

cindy r said...

Great lists! Happy 2019!

Tracy Krimmer said...

How to Walk Away is my favorite of the year!

Dianna said...

I've only read a couple of those. Love seeing which books other people enjoy!