Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Book Review: Unreasonable Doubts

By Sara Steven

Jaded New York City Public Defender Liana Cohen would give anything to have one client in whom she can believe. Dozens of hardened criminals and repeat offenders have chipped away at her faith in both herself and the system. Her boyfriend Jakob’s high-powered law firm colleagues see her do-gooder job as a joke, which only adds to the increasing strain in their relationship.

Enter imprisoned felon Danny Shea, whose unforgivable crime would raise a moral conflict in an attorney at the height of her idealism―and that hasn't been Liana in quite a while. But Danny's astonishing blend of good looks, intelligence, and vulnerability intrigues Liana. Could he be the client she’s been longing for―the wrongly accused in need of a second chance? Is he innocent? As their attorney-client relationship transforms into something less than arm’s length, Liana is forced to confront fundamental questions of truth, faith, and love―and to decide who she wants to be. (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.)

I imagine it must be difficult to create a character like Danny Shea, a man accused of something so horrific, yet the makeup of who he is makes him likeable and in some ways, relatable. Gentin has created the perfect antagonist in Shea, leaving her readers feeling mixed emotions when it comes to the validity of who he is and whether he’s innocent or not.

For Liana, she’s experiencing the same insecurities. I felt the struggle she faces in wanting to find her purpose again, in the work she does and the people she represents. When Danny becomes her latest case, it’s too good to be true, lending into her doubts on whether he’s truly innocent or not. Thrown into the mix is her boyfriend Jakob, someone she used to view as her counterpart, only now his views are so vastly different from her own, holes shine through the veneer of their relationship.

Unreasonable Doubts is a cleverly written crime drama, blended in with mystery, intrigue and romance. While I’m not a usual fan of crime dramas, I was a huge fan of this one. I appreciate how knowledgeable Liana is in her job, letting us know every step of the way the legalities and the process that goes into being a public defender. I never felt lost or unsure of what was going on in the courtroom, or outside of it, where Liana’s feelings for Jakob and Danny are concerned. Should she continue forth with the life she’s been living, whether it makes her happy or not, or should she dive into the murky depths of new-found emotions that her new client brings out in her? It’s in the not knowing that really adds to the delightful romantic suspense of this novel.

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