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Karan Eleni's TV nostalgia

Happy new release to debut author Karan Eleni! Book three in the Launching Love series, SEVEN DAYS TO PARADISE, is out now! 

Karan is here today to talk about her favorite TV shows from when she was growing up...and now (although some things never change!)

Release Blitz Signup || Karan Eleni – Seven Days to ParadiseSeven Days to Paradise by Karan Eleni

Series: Launching Love #3

Published by Kindred Ink Press LLC on July 11, 2018

Genres: Sweet Romance, Romantic Comedy

From debut author Karan Eleni comes book three in the Launching Love novella series from Kindred Ink Press – a sweet romance about making time to relax, letting love find you, and dealing with trouble in paradise. 
Lorilynn Matthews has been in the same dead-end job for six years and is ready for a break. When her recently-dumped best friend suggests a girls’ week on a cruise through the Caribbean, Lori is hesitant but accepts the invitation. 
As his brother’s best man, Clayton Weldon agreed to co-organize a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. What he didn’t agree to was reliving his honeymoon with his ex-wife. When someone else’s drama lands in his lap, he wants to avoid it, but it gives him an opportunity to escape his own, if only for a moment. 
Will a chance meeting, seven days on a cruise ship, and drama at every turn make for the excursion of a lifetime or create the need to reach for life preservers to ride out the end of the trip?

About Karan Eleni

In no particular order, Karan Eleni is a bookworm, blogger, reviewer, publisher, author services wizard, former band manager and merch girl, crocheter, proud auntie to two mini bookworms, momma to two spoiled black cats, and newly published author.

She lives in Central Minnesota and spends a majority of her time living in the book world until her family drags her kicking and screaming from her house (unless they bribe her with tacos).

Follow Karan on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Goodreads at @karaneleniwrite. If she ever logs in, she’ll thank you and follow back.

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Big thanks to Melissa A and the Chick Lit Central crew for letting me invade their blog today! I LOVE that July is TV month and will be watching the blog for new-to-me shows to binge when I get a break from the book world. Melissa asked for my top five favorite TV shows from when I was a kid (or teen) and my top five now, but I had to add some bonus shows after I sat and thought about it longer than I should have. I wasn’t just a bookworm, but I loved watching 80's and 90's TV too. And still do! Without further adieu...

Top 5 favorite shows as a kid/teen (that I still watch now):
● Clarissa Explains It All
● Punky Brewster
● Full House
● Saved by the Bell

But then I remember watching shows with my parents like:
Family Ties
● Diff'rent Strokes
● Who’s the Boss?
● Growing Pains (I’ll stop here, but there are at least five more I could name!)

Top 6 now (that aren’t exactly new, but I watch regularly):
Friends (This is the only reason I have Netflix now.)
Will & Grace (Original & new)
Good Witch (the series and the movies)
Doctor Who (Original & new)
Fuller House

And now I’m off to binge watch...something!

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