Thursday, July 26, 2018

CLC TV picks

A few of us wanted to share our favorite TV shows with you, the same way the authors have been doing this month. (Watch out for potential spoilers though...) Enjoy!

Melissa A:

Top 5 from childhood/teen years:

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Full House: This was my comfort show and I could always rely on it for laughs (and some tears). I watch Fuller House now!

Saved by the Bell: Even if Zack Morris is trash, this show was so addictive when I was a pre-teen and throughout my high school years. The caffeine pill episode is classic.

Punky Brewster: She was my TV best friend when I was a kid.

Friends: I was technically still a teenager when I started watching this, even though I was already in college. It became an instant favorite for me. Could it BE any funnier?

Animaniacs: I also started this in my late teens and couldn't get enough of it. Wakko was my favorite. I love that my kids watch it now.

Top 5 from now:
(So so SO hard to choose! I love so many shows these days.)
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: It's a weekly musical on my TV. And so funny too. What's not to love?!?

This is Us: An incredibly written show with so much emotional depth. I've been going through withdrawal since the season finale.

Younger: Perfect for all chick lit fans. Also, Charles.

The Bold Type: You'd think I wouldn't be able to identify with millenials, but Kat, Jane, and Sutton are such well-developed characters and I love watching them tackle modern day issues.

Stranger Things: I'm not much into scary stuff, but this show just pulled me in with its excellent writing, acting, and nostalgic feel. I care so much about the characters and can't wait to see what's in store for season three!

Melissa S:

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1. Punky Brewster
2. Rags to Riches (Melissa A loves this one too, even though there weren't that many seasons!)
3. Avonlea
4. Silver Spoons
5. Kids Incorporated

1. Law and Order: SVU
2. Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
3. The Goldbergs
4. Nashville
5. Scandal


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As a kid:
  • Growing Pains
  • Who's the Boss
  • 90210
  • Full House
  • Perfect Strangers
  • Modern Family (haven't watched it though in a long time.)
  • Will and Grace
  • Once Upon a Time
  • This Is Us
  • Ellen


I’ve loved TV since before I could read! Whittling down this list to 10 was really hard.

Here are the top 5 TV shows I loved as a kid:

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The Addams Family – This is the first show I paid attention to. I was seven, and I wanted to be Morticia. I thought the way Gomez kissed up her arm when she spoke French was the most romantic thing ever.

The Bionic Woman – Her name was Jaime. My name is Jami. Having the same name as a TV superhero gave me enormous clout in the 4th grade.

Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew – Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy? Yes, please! I love mysteries, but that’s not why I loved this show.

M*A*S*H – This show jump-started my love of wisecracks and medical stories.

The Love Boat – This and Fantasy Island made up my Saturday nights before I was old enough to go out.

And my top 5 adult series:

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General Hospital – I became obsessed with soaps as a teenager, but my love for GH persisted into my 30s… until the show became overrun with mobsters.

Grey’s Anatomy – I’ve watched every single episode of every season. While I view most TV these days on my own schedule, I always watch Grey’s live.

The Good Wife – I shipped Alicia and Will so hard and it killed me when he died.

Sex and the City – I pretend the movies didn’t happen. This show had the best series finale of any show ever.

Alias – Jennifer Garner was like a grown-up’s Jaime Sommers.

Got any shows in common with us? Tell us in the comments section. 

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dstoutholcomb said...

General Hospital was THE show to watch after school in the 80s.

When I was really young, I watched the Brady Bunch on Friday nights, and later in reruns in the afternoon.

Mary Tyler Moore


Loved me some Hardy Boys, too. I had a lot of Shaun Cassidy albums.

Full House on Friday nights before going out when in college: John Stamos (he had been Blackie on GH).

Love Boat

Miami Vice

L.A. Law

Friends came on around the time we got married.

ER in the 90s.

CSI for a while

Love the new S.W.A.T.

the comedies on Tues/Wed on ABC


For the People

The Good Doctor

I better stop