Monday, October 31, 2016

"Spooky" Spotlight: The a Halloween treat!

Happy Halloween! Today, we're featuring a ghost story. Get under your covers with your flashlights (and the treats you stashed away) for The Next by Stephanie Gangi. We have a copy for one lucky reader!

Is there a right way to die? If so, Joanna DeAngelis has it all wrong. She’s consumed by betrayal, spending her numbered days obsessing over Ned McGowan, her much younger ex, and watching him thrive in the spotlight with someone new, while she wastes away. She’s every woman scorned, fantasizing about revenge … except she’s out of time.

Joanna falls from her life, from the love of her daughters and devoted dog, into an otherworldly landscape, a bleak infinity she can’t escape until she rises up and returns and sets it right―makes Ned pay―so she can truly move on.

From the other side into right this minute, Jo embarks on a sexy, spiritual odyssey. As she travels beyond memory, beyond desire, she is transformed into a fierce female force of life, determined to know how to die, happily ever after.
(Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

"A profound and provocative page-turner about love and loss, revenge and redemption, this debut novel will stick with you for a long time. Stephanie Gangi is an instant, new favorite."
— Emily Giffin, bestselling author of Something Borrowed and First Comes Love.

Check out a review at Thoughts on This 'n That! (Giveaway has ended though.)

Stephanie Gangi is a NYC novelist, poet, and by day, a corporate communications strategist. She is working on her second novel, and a chapbook of poems, More Than Four. She has been living with breast cancer for 15 years and wrote this first book in her late fifties. Visit Stephanie at her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Next is published by St. Martin's Press and part of BookSparks' 2016 Fall Reading Challenge.

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Janine said...

Not too long ago, I saw a face in my back door. Certain times of the year it rains so much, I don't wash the glass as often as it can be dirty the next day. The face formed in the dirt along the bottom.

Unknown said...

There have been several instances, but a friend of mine had a ghost, whose name she knew, in a house she lived in. He used to play pranks. At one point, and I was there when it happened, she had other people at the house and was telling them the stories and they were scoffing. She told him to swing the chandelier so they would believe her. And he did. It was awesome.

traveler said...

A ghost would show up in the form of a cat every year at our house when I was a little kid. They thought that this was a reincarnation of a relative long gone.

Aire para respirar said...

Someone dressed up as Inspector Gadget, true to reality, with a lot of useful devices

Burma Turner said...

My brother-in-law sent us a picture of himself dressed as a mammography machine, it was hysterical!

Jennifer said...

The best costume I've seen is the girl who went as a stay at home mom with a baby clinging on her leg and another one in her arms. So accurate!!

Anonymous said...

Vera Wilson

Darth Vadar seem to be out lots tonight.

snoopysnop1 at yahoo dot com

Carol D said...

An elementary school student was dressed as little bo peep and her dog was dressed as a sheep.