Friday, October 21, 2016

Guest Book Review: The Littlest Bigfoot

By E.Z. Amster

Alice Mayfair, twelve years old, slips through the world unseen and unnoticed. Ignored by her family and shipped off to her eighth boarding school, Alice would like a friend. And when she rescues Millie Maximus from drowning in a lake one day, she finds one.

But Millie is a Bigfoot, part of a clan who dwells deep in the woods. Most Bigfoots believe that people—NoFurs, as they call them—are dangerous, yet Millie is fascinated with the No-Fur world. She is convinced that humans will appreciate all the things about her that her Bigfoot tribe does not: her fearless nature, her lovely singing voice, and her desire to be a star.

Alice swears to protect Millie’s secret. But a league of Bigfoot hunters is on their trail, led by a lonely kid named Jeremy. And in order to survive, Alice and Millie have to put their trust in each other—and have faith in themselves—above all else. (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

The Littlest Bigfoot is truly inspiring to me. It teaches me about friendship. When Millie, of the Yare, meets Alice, the human or no-fur as the Yare called them, they begin a friendship that no one could ever make as beautiful as theirs. They were very lonely children so it was such a miracle for them to find each other from two different sides of Lake Standish. I would recommend this book to all of my friends in my grade (80 students!). I give this book five stars for its beautiful story of how the lonely children make a friendship. I hope Jennifer Weiner will write more books for kids my age.

P. S. The cover is beautiful!

E.Z. is Melissa Amster's older son. He enjoys reading, cooking, playing clarinet, and drawing pictures. The Littlest Bigfoot was published on his birthday. 


Janine said...
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Janine said...

Awesome review E! You should do more reviews here.

Unknown said...

What a fantastic review! Thank you for sharing. Liza

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Great review, EZ!!