Thursday, October 13, 2016

How The Devil Wears Prada Gave Us All the Right Inspiration About Fashion

By Christine Rudolph

Remember the movie The Devil Wears Prada back in 2006? Indeed it was not only a classic movie but authentic style movie reconciling the fashion realm with animal prints clothing, pilled sweaters, knee high leather boots and whatnot. Fashion magazines still refer the movie for styles. Giving a short overview about the movie, Andy Sachs is hired to work for the most sophisticated fashion mogul, Miranda Preistly.

Being a simple girl, nobody liked her the way she was, so she decided to dress more adequately for the environment and entered the world of Manolo Blahnik, Chanel and nonetheless Jimmy Choo. That being said, life is really made up of fashion and The Devil Wears Prada really gave all of us the right inspiration about lifestyle and fashion. Let’s explore it below.

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Silk Dress for Runway Gala

As per Christian Thompson, “Andy looked like a vision at the Runway Gala in her silk and lace evening gown.” Lace always looks graceful, the dress Andy wore on that evening had a youthful feel as it had lace on its shoulder. Also, the flower behind one ear looked even more beautiful and enhanced her dressing style. On this evening she definitely captured the hearts of many and broke all her customs of old attire. Her dress and accessories solidified her into the world of fashion. Nevertheless, this attire in today’s age will also look as trendy as it did back then.

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Black Sweater

The black color denotes sophistication and class and makes one look smart and lavish. Be it any office job, party or just a hang out with friends, a black sweater is a perfect fit for all types of events and occasions. The movie conveys the message when Andy wore the classy black sweater in a scene with Chanel accessories and white buttons. She looked perfect in that off-the-shoulder black sweater though. This is a sweater everyone must have in their closet; it is simply the best for any era and anything you wear looks interesting over it!

Sleek Frames

Nothing’s better than the metal glasses and sleek and stylish black frame, with a slicked back messy hair bun! Yeah, it makes a girl looks sexier. Gisele Bundchen who appeared as Emily's best friend in the movie is the real personification of the office chic. You must have noticed that she dressed in black most of the time but she never missed wearing cool accessories though. Though, the thick frames are trending, but the sleek and thin frames look will surely return.

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Motorcycle Jacket

For a more casual and comfortable look, what can be better than a cool leather jacket? After Andy leaves the position of the assistant, she eases her style and looks with the ones she had always desired for. She wanted to be a good professional journalist, writer and most importantly, herself! Nothing could transform her in a better way than wearing a luxe leather motorcycle jacket. She wore it at her first interview for a local newspaper.

If you also want to look stylish and follow fashion, bring in more cool tops, trendy letterman jackets, attractive accessories, and sophisticated colors in your life. Stay fashionable and trendy!

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Janine said...

Great post! I didn't read the book, but I watched the movie because of all the fashion. I have been interested in fashion since I got my first velvet miniskirt (back in the 70s) when I was 9 or 10. I was able to wear the thing until I was a teenager. I always wore the latest styles and still try to (if my budget allows a purchase). But I believe in investment pieces, not the run of the mill trends that are gone in one season.