Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Chick Lit Cheerleader: Girls with curls

We were photobombed
by Francine LaSala
This really needs no introduction. But... *BLUSH* (Don't worry, Jen, you'll get your own tribute one of these days.)

My Curly Haired Sister From Another Mother

So, she’s going to think I’m sucking up and I’m totally OK with that.

I have adored Melissa Amster since the very first time I laid eyes on her e-mail. In a world where were connected globally like never before, I like to think that we’ve moved away from thoughts like, “You can’t meet friends online! They’re all creepers!” That is, unless, you’re totally into creepers. Who am I to judge?

Melissa and I are kindred spirits who just happen to be opposites in a select few ways. I made a little chart for those who crave data on how these differences compare. I’m an engineering professor’s daughter, so I get it.

Stays away from bacon
Considers bacon a food group
Night Owl
Keeps Amish hours
Has a seriously crafty hubby
Has a “James” on speed dial
Reads two books each week
Reads two cereal boxes each week
City Girl
Country Mouse
Mastered the D.C. Metro
Survived being the girl on the train in D.C.

If I were to draft another list on how much we are alike, we would be here all day.  From chocolate and 80s music, to being former Chicagoland dwellers and moms to daughters that have more drama in their little fingers than we can comprehend, we click together just like that.

Going au naturel
One thing I love we have in common is our curls. Melissa’s are beautifully coiled and springy while mine resemble either sexy beach hair locks, or a bird’s nest depending on the humidity. We belong to a group of curly haired clubbers who love sending articles, jokes and images amongst ourselves. Before you say anything, yes I know I straighten my hair on many occasions. Yet as I age, I appreciate more and more the hair I’ve been given versus the hair I work to maintain. Plus, all the time I spend drying it with a round brush, layer by layer, and then flat ironing it? I can never get that time back in my entire life! Never, ever!

As I reflect on Melissa and the woman she is, there are many things I want to share with you as she listens in on our chat. Melissa--Melly to me--is one of the most generous, kindhearted, loving people I’ve had the pleasure to call my friend. An amazing wife and mother, she is passionate and fearless with the softest of hearts. Yet she’s one tough cookie and I always want her on my side in dark alleys. I love her children like my own. I’ve even been known to lick a dinner plate clean so her daughter wouldn’t be going at it alone.  

Plate lickers unite!

She would never tell you all this, so I’m going to brag about her a little bit. She’s a talented writer who has some amazing stories to tell. I’ve had the honor of peeking at her work and it’s wonderful. Not only is she amazing at her day job, she is ├╝ber amazing right here at CLC. Along with the entire fantastic team, she tirelessly provides authors, bloggers and readers with a place to gather, in a positive atmosphere, to talk about the genre we all love. She’s in constant contact with our community and I know how deeply she cares about you all and the little family we’ve made across the corners of the globe.

Melly, I’m eternally grateful for you. When we Skype and visit each other, it feels like zero hours have passed by since the last time we hugged. You have cheered me on at my highest highs, and held me up during some low points when I needed your ear desperately. I don’t want to think what my world would be like without you in it. You sweetly deemed me “Chick Lit Cheerleader,” yet that’s exactly what you are! I’m just the JV squad alternate. May you always know how loved you are in this world, in my world, and in our little chick lit corner of the world.

All my love,
Jen Jen

Jen Tucker is the author of the funny and true stories, The Day I Wore My Panties Inside Out and The Day I Lost My Shaker of SaltIn September 2012, she had her children's book, Little Pumpkin published as an e-book. She also blogs monthly for Survival for Blondes. She currently lives in Indiana with her husband, three kids and two dogs. You can find her at TwitterFacebook, her blog and on her website. And in case you missed them. check out her previous Chick Lit Cheerleader posts here.


Janine said...

This is so sweet :)

Bonnie K. said...

Awww- what a wonderful write-up about a wonderful person that is called Melissa. :)

Vicki said...

Friendships between women are so important. Sounds like you hit the friend lottery!

Jennifer said...

I loved reading this! What a special friendship! I agree about Melissa, too. She is an especially kind, sincere person, and I love chatting with her!

Cher B said...

Beautiful tribute to friendship and to curly haired girls! Thanks to both of you for all you do to share your love of good books!

A fellow curly haired girl,
Cher B