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Trick or treating the TV way with Jen a book giveaway

Introduction and interview by Melissa Amster

**Giveaway is now closed**

A few weeks ago, I had what I would call a "Jen Tucker moment," which was based on something from her previous memoir, The Day I Wore My Panties Inside Out. I proceeded to e-mail her right away and was in such a rush that I didn't realize until too late that I had e-mailed one of my friends with the same first name. So it was a double "Jen Tucker moment!" Then I e-mailed Jen to tell her about the new embarrassment in my life. Naturally, I made the queen of comedic writing laugh! Jen just has that effect on me. I know she'll have the same effect on you when you read her special Halloween-themed TV month interview. She's so funny and easy to relate to!

Since she last appeared at CLC, she was one of our authors for International Chick Lit Month and she had her children's book, Little Pumpkin published as an e-book. (My older son loved it and proceeded to make her a video telling her so! Heck, I even loved it, but Jen adds love to everything she does, so no surprise there!) She's been blogging monthly for Survival for Blondes. Oh yeah, and she wrote another memoir, The Day I Lost My Shaker of Salt (reviewed here). This time, you don't have to hide the cover, even though it might confuse people who are prone to think that it rains salt.

So sit back with a stash of your favorite Halloween candy and check out whose house Jen would trick-or-treat at and which TV show she watches for a good scare. Then enter to win either one of TWO copies of The Day I Lost My Shaker of Salt (reader's choice of print or Kindle) or one of TWO copies of Little Pumpkin (Kindle only). Both treats are being offered tricks involved here! She's so generous, isn't she?!?

If you just can't get enough of Jen (trust me, she's hard to resist), visit her at Twitter, Facebook, her blog or on her website.

First, and always top billing, thank you so much Melissa, and everyone else at CLC, for letting me stop by today. You are always warm and welcoming and I cannot sing your praises high enough for all you do to spread around the love of, chick lit, books and reading. To be with you on Halloween is an absolute treat! Get it? Get it?! Okay...on with the tricks!

Favorite Halloween themed episode of a TV show:
Hands down, my favorite is the Little House on the Prairie episode when Laura and her buddy, Carl, think that Mr. Oleson pulled the old Marie Antoinette on Mrs. Oleson! I had Headless Horseman nightmares for a long time after that one. *Jen shivers*

Scariest episode you've seen of any TV series:
Holy smokes! You caught me at just the right time to ask this question. Friends of ours have raved about the series, Breaking Bad, so Mike, my hubby, and I have been catching up with the television series on Netflix. There’s an episode where a DEA agent has just been informed by an anonymous phone call that he has one minute before Mexican cartel members arrive to shoot him down in a Home Depot parking lot! I stood in front of my TV, yelling, “No-no-no-no-no-no!!!” over and over, while rocking back and forth and hugging myself. You would’ve thought they were coming after me, I was so freaked out!

Which TV series do you watch when you need a good scare?
I am a rabid fan of the AMC series, The Walking Dead. I do not inhale or exhale once the entire 60 minutes the show airs on Sunday nights. As a general rule of thumb, I’m no longer the horror fan I was as a teenager. I was always present opening night for the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th movies. I’m so wimpy now, that I cover my eyes during fight scenes on a sitcom! The way the brilliant creators and talented actors have crafted a zombie show with heart, depth and storyline keep me coming back for more. No one is safe from zombies, people; no one…

Jen's daughter
Have you, your husband or your kids (or dogs) ever dressed as a TV character for Halloween? If so, which one? If not, who do you think would be fun to dress as?
I love dressing up for Halloween! I was more of the angel, princess and witch-type of costume girl. If I were to dress-up this year, and I just might, I would definitely be one of the gals from Mad Men in the early 60’s period of the show. I just love how they wore pearls and heels back then while making Wonder Bread sandwiches and swilling gin, because that is totally not in my daily routine. My friend, author Angie Klink, gave me a fake Mad Men cigarette, and so I have that part of the costume covered. My children, however, have quite the television costume resume:

Wil: Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Bob the Builder, Buzz Lightyear.
Ryan: (See Wil’s previous costumes) Blue from Blue’s Clues.
Gracie: Minnie Mouse

This Halloween, Gracie has decided to be a Care Bear, yet her costume looks more like a prom dress much to her father’s chagrin. Ryan has purchased his final (so he says) Halloween costume ever to wear to the 8th grade dance. I cannot reveal any more information about said costume, due to my parental contractual agreement with him. Plus, there are prizes involved, and he doesn’t want anyone getting a leg up on him with insider information. Wil is now sixteen, and feels it’s in his best interest to be in the candy distribution business, rather than gathering it. *Jen thinks Wil’s lining his own pockets with candy. She’s no fool.*

This all belongs to Jen, so hands off!
Favorite candy to munch on while watching TV?
Would you believe my confectionery preference changes with the seasons? In winter, I chow down on York Peppermint Patties while watching TV. In the spring, I lean towards milk chocolate and dabble in Laffy Taffy. There is also the occasional snitching from my kid’s Easter baskets for a Cadbury Cream Egg. They hate those things, yet The Easter Bunny at my mom’s house leaves them some every year. That’s a win-win for me! In the summer, I love Mike and Ike candies, and M&M’s. I think the no melting in your hands thing they have going on appeals to me in the Indiana heat. Now let’s talk fall candy. Candy corn is my sugar of choice this time of year. I have to ration it to myself or I could easily O.D.

"Scariest" reality TV star:
I have to go with the ninth cast mate on The Jersey Shore. This is an unbilled cast member who has important screen time. It’s Pauly D’s hair. Have you seen it? It defies logic and gravity! What is he hiding within that mane of mystery? Maybe that’s where he stores his zombie apocalypse necessities.

Which TV family's house would you want to trick-or-treat at?
I’m totally going to ring the doorbell at the Huxtables! You know you’d get the giant candy bars there, along with a joke, a lecture, and maybe a dance move or two from Bill Cosby.

If you could choose a costume for any TV character, who would you pick and what would you dress them as?
Gosh, I feel like Carson Kressley! I love makeovers! I would love to dress Cam, Mitchell and Lily from Modern Family in themed costumes. It would have to be something Cam would go ga-ga over, and Mitchell would loathe. My initial instinct is to go with clowns, due to Cam’s endearing love for dressing as one. That’s too obvious a choice though. Oh! I got it! They should all dress like Smurfs! Mitchell is so uptight, that I can just seem him cringing as Cam lathers on the blue makeup.

Thanks to Jen for cracking us up, as always, and sharing her books with our readers!

How to win The Day I Lost My Shaker of Salt OR Little Pumpkin:
Please tell us which TV family's house you'd go trick-or-treating at. (One entry per person.) Please include your e-mail address or another way to reach you if you win.

Giveaway ends November 5th at midnight EST.


Stephanie said...

I'd like to go trick or treating at The Munsters house.

Na said...

I would want to go trick or trating at Sabrina's family house. She's a witch from Sabrine, the Teenage Witch.

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Sheena said...

I would want to go to the Brady Bunch house:)

Mary said...

I would go trick or treating at the Conner house from Roseanne. They always had the best Halloween shows!

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Twitter follower (@MaryHWard)
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Linda Kish said...

I would go to the Braverman family home from Parenthood.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Books Etc. said...

I think I'm going to go with Richard Castle's house. 1. He's rich so can get some good candy and 2. He loves tricks and dressing up so I imagine the decorations would be fabulous!

books.etc.blogger AT gmail DOT com

karenk said...

i'll go to the brady bunch house...
happy halloween :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Cyndee said...

I would go to "Two and a Half Men" to Trick or Treat" with Ashton and John:)
Cyndee Thomas
cyndee(thomas0(at)gmail(dot) com
Follower everywhere but Twitter!:)
Happy Halloween!

Mrs Mommy Booknerd said...

I would love to go to the Huxtables (Cosby Show).

Mrsmommybooknerdsbookreviews @ gmail dot com

Erica said...

The Adams family for sure. How fun!!

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email follower too

wordywon at gmail dot com

Allyson said...

I don't know if this counts or not but Paula Deen's house trick or treating and if not I was watching some of the Roseanne Halloween Episodes, what fun that would be a good place to go as well:) Jen, I loved The Day I wore my panties Inside out it was great, I can't wait to read your new release! The picture of your daughter was so cute! Happy Halloween!
Follow by email and facebook!

Unknown said...

How Fun! After I leave the Huxtables, I'm going with all of you to the other houses too! Allyson, thank you so much for your sweet words. You made my heart soar! Good luck everyone! XOXO

Lorelei's Lit Lair said...

Oh, maaann! Someone already said to The Huxtable's house! The Cosby Show was our favorite family show, also Full House. With Jesse there, we'd probably stop by twice for treats ;D.

Dolly said...

I'd like to go trick-or-treating at the Cunningham's house (Happy Days)

jcsites2002 at hotmail dot com

Nova said...

I would like to go trick or treating at the "married with children" family's house...

bn100 said...

I'd go trick-o-treating at Monica's house on Friends.


Heidi said...

Rosanne's house. They always came up the weirdest halloween ideas.


Kritters Ramblings said...

I would go trick or treating at the Full House home, I think those men tried their hardest to give the girls a normal childhood!

Literary Chanteuse said...

The Brady Bunch. I loved that show as a kid.


StereoQueenBee said...

The Cosby's and I don't know why but I feel like saying 'obviously!"

Anonymous said...

I would love to go trick or treating at Sheldon and Lennard's house from "The big bang theory".

Michele Rybak said...

I would like to go trick or treating in the Smurfs Village. With so many different charachters, you never know what your bound to get. I just hope Grumpy Smurf hasn't figured out a way to give out his personality!

Bridget O'Neill said...

Claire and Phil Dunphy's house from Modern Family. Claire always has the best Halloween decorations :)

Maureen said...

I'd go trick or treating at Castle's place.
mce1011 AT aol DOT com

Krista said...

Can we just line up all of these options and do them all? The Munsters is probably my favorite choice to trick or treat at. As long as they let me come in, i'd love to be inside with them :)

Kristen said...

I want to trick or treat in the houses from Revenge... Mutlimillion dollar houses in the Hamptons!