Thursday, October 25, 2012

Becoming couch potatoes with Tracey and the Melissas

Since we're asking authors all their favorite things about TV this month, we also want to share our own fun TV memories. Today Melissa A., Melissa P. and Tracey are flipping channels.

Melissa A:

Favorite TV show of all time:
Full House. It's my comfort show. I find that as an adult, I can relate more to the guys, but I still love all the pre-teen and teen angst.

Favorite show from the 90's:
I'm such a 90s TV geek. My So-Called Life, Friends, Party of Five, The X-Files, Dawson's Creek, Seinfeld...the list goes on!

Character you are most similar to:
Claire Dunphy from Modern Family. It's actually freaky how similar our personalities are!

Guilty pleasure show:
90210! Who needs Jason Priestley and Luke Perry when you can have Matt Lanter?!?

Favorite character from any show:
Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother. She's like my TV best friend. I love how much character depth she has and how she will just do embarrassing things and get all into whatever it is. And her wink rivals that of Barney Stinson's.

Favorite show that your kids watch now (admit it, you watch too!):
I liked watching Hi-5 with my boys when that was still on the air. It was very cute...they had little skits and musical numbers based on a theme. We had this sampler DVD with one episode and my younger son would call it "coo coo cah" because there was a song called "Cool, Cool Cat." I actually met the actor who sang that when he was in In the Heights and I was more excited to meet him than any of the original Broadway cast!

Favorite theme song:
I get the theme from The Big Bang Theory in my head a lot and love that Barenaked Ladies sings it. I also love "I'll Be There for You" and I still clap at the beginning. :)

Show that deserves to be a Scene It game theme:
Arrested Development!

Melissa P:

Favorite crime/law series:
Law and Order: SVU
I love this show. While it is sometimes hard to stomach both mentally and physically, I am a huge advocate in the fight for women's safety and protection. I support the Joyful Heart Foundation which Mariska Hargitay is heavily involved in. It's just one more reason I love this show. Anyone actively involved in the fight regarding violence against women gets my TV time.

Favorite performance show:
So You Think You Can Dance. As a dancer my whole life, I love and appreciate the talent and hard work that the dancers exhibit. It's truly awe inspiring.

Show you felt was cancelled way too soon: 
The Chicago Code. This was such a great show and being from Chicago, I felt was a pretty accurate portrayal of Chicago politics, which is probably why it was canceled...

Character you are most similar to:
Sarah from Parenthood. While I do not have kids and our lives are very different, I see so much of my personality and mannerisms in her character. I am a pretty laid back person and it takes a lot to really rattle me to my core. I try to take life one day at a time even when it's crazy and heartbreaking and confusing. I keep going and stay positive. I like to think its a gift that I was blessed with. The walls can be falling down around me and I'll just say "well, I guess we can go grab a pizza and a bottle of wine and figure this thing out..."

Episode that made you cry the most:
The recent episode of Parenthood. When Christina told the family she has breast cancer, I cried like a baby. It's a subject close to my heart and my family and I couldn't stop the tears.

Funniest episode of your favorite comedy series:
The episode of Friends where Chandler and Joey get robbed. I don't know why, but I crack up every time I see that episode. If you haven't seen it, Google or YouTube it! Hilarious!!!

Guilty pleasure show:
Glee. I can't believe I'm admitting this but I absolutely LOVE Glee!!!

Favorite show of all time: This is a three-way tie between Gilmore Girls, Felicity, and Sex and the City. All pretty self explanatory. Humor, drama, love...trifecta.


Favorite channel for TV shows (cable or network):
ABC seems to be the station with a lot of shows I like over the past couple of years, however CBS is a close second.

Favorite comedy series:
Tie between How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory.

Favorite crime/law series:
Castle and Law and Order

Show you felt was cancelled WAY too soon:
Best Friends Forever

Guilty pleasure show:
Reality TV

Episode of a show that made you cry the most:
I'm not sure it made me cry the most, but I did cry at the How I Met Your Mother episode when Marshall finds out his dad died.

Favorite cooking show:
The original Iron Chef and Cupcake Wars

Favorite soap opera:
I don't watch soap operas anymore, but for a brief period of time back in the 90s I watched Days of Our Lives on a fairly regular basis.


LizA180 said...

No Buffy The Vampire Slayer? I think that's the best show ever made. Along with Veronica Mars, Sons of Anarchy, Friends, SATC, Angel, and SUpernatural.

Dolly said...

My favorite TV show is 'The West Wing'; I occassionally have to watch the entire series (beginnning to end).

Best theme song is a tie between 'I'll Be There For You', and 'Thank You For Being A Friend'.

And I also love 'Glee'!