Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Channel surfing with Amy, Becky and Kathryn

Since we're asking authors all their favorite things about TV this month, we also want to share our own fun TV memories. Today it's Amy, Becky and Kathryn's turn to entertain us!


Favorite series that came out in the past year: 
DEFINITELY Once Upon A Time. If you aren't watching it then something is seriously wrong. You will get hooked just after one episode.

Favorite show from the 80s:
The Facts of Life. I'm not 100% sure why this is but I just really liked it. Of course now, as I'm writing this, the theme song is in my head. Well, it might as well be for you then...

Favorite channel to watch news:
Definitely ABC. Diane Sawyer is a fantastic journalist and extremely knowledgeable.

Favorite morning show:
To go along with my favorite channel to watch news, it's Good Morning America. I started watching GMA right after Ann Curry was fired from The Today Show and I haven't changed the channel back to NBC since. The GMA crew is lively, fun and has energy that Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie lack.

Favorite awards show:
I have to choose two, and those would be the Emmys and the Oscars. I'm such a sucker for the red carpet shows.

Favorite show when you were a kid:
Um...Beverly Hills, 90210 and I'm not ashamed of this at all :)

Favorite comedy series:
Modern Family is the funniest show ever!!!! I crack up during every episode. I would love to be at a taping of one of the shows and see how many takes a scene must have before no one starts laughing.

Show you're looking forward to seeing the most this fall:


Favorite TV show of all time:
Sex and the City. I have the full box set and never tire of watching any episode even though I’ve seen them all numerous times. For me John Slattery in Mad Men will always be the guy that wanted Carrie to pee on him!

Favorite channel for TV shows (cable or network):
I think Sky 1 has really developed into a great channel for comedy-drama series so I tend to Sky+ a lot of their shows. Three series stand out for me, Mount Pleasant (now switched to Sky Living); Stella and The CafĂ© – all fantastic and I can’t wait for them to come back for a second series!

Favorite comedy series: 
Mount Pleasant is a British comedy-drama series in its second series. It has everything I want to see in a programme. It has a fantastic cast including some national treasures (including Pauline Collins and Bobby Ball who are amazing and hilarious in it) and there are some lovely relationships in there. It has a great balance of comedy and drama.

Favorite drama series:
If I’m thinking of current productions I’d have to say Homeland. I was gripped to the first series, the best thing since Lost and Prison Break ended in my opinion and I’m so glad the second series has just started.

Favorite performance arts/talent contest show:
The X Factor! I’ve always been a big fan of these shows, my favourite TV in the year is always the judges houses episodes as I’ll normally be shouting at the TV and have my firm favourites by this point. Saturday nights are just not the same until it’s back each year. I love snuggling up with a takeaway on cold Autumn and Winter evenings watching this.

Favorite show when you were a kid:
My mum tells me that the only time I would ever be quiet when I was young was when The Muppets was on and they still have a special place in my heart!

Favorite soap opera:
The 2012 Olympics had a funny effect on me – beforehand I was quite a soap fan, in particular Eastenders, but after my routine changed to watch the Olympics I haven’t actually bothered to start watching them again since they finished! I think this is a good thing but I’m sure I’ll be drawn back to them at some point!

Do you have TiVo?
I have an equivalent, Sky+. It usually has no space on it as I often have a backlog of things to watch!


Favorite comedy series: 
The Big Bang Theory... completely fantastically awesome show! If you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for??

Favorite drama series: 
The Good Wife

Favorite crime/law series: 
Criminal Minds (ooh, Shemar Moore!)

Favorite reality show:
So You Think You Can Dance and Big Brother

Favorite series that came out in the past year: 
Once Upon A Time

Show you felt was cancelled WAY too soon: 
My So-Called Life

Episode of a show that made you cry the most: 
Hands-down the season two finale of Grey's Anatomy... oh my goodness... Denny and Izzy... so heartbreaking.

Favorite show when you were a kid: 
Hmm... I loved The Wonder Years and Growing Pains (Fred Savage and Jeremy Miller were my big crushes).

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Anonymous said...

AMY: Now I have to watch it!

"DEFINITELY Once Upon A Time. If you aren't watching it then something is seriously wrong. You will get hooked just after one episode."

xx, Lauren