Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Spin" is new to the US and we're doing a giveaway!

**Giveaway is now closed** 

Canada has given the US Barenaked Ladies, Alanis Morissette, Jim Carrey, "Degrassi High" and now....Catherine McKenzie!

In honor of the release of "Spin" in the US this week, we are re-posting Melissa A's review from last year and HarperCollins is giving away one copy to a lucky reader in the US or Canada!

Review of "Spin"
By Melissa Amster

After falling in love with "Arranged" by Catherine McKenzie, I received an opportunity to review "Spin" and jumped on it! I had heard only good things about it and had a feeling I would enjoy it for that reason. This novel has definitely lived up to its "hype."

Kate Sandford just lost her dream job working for a music magazine by showing up to the interview drunk from her 30th birthday celebration. Her behavior at the interview has instead made her the perfect candidate to follow the latest "It Girl" to rehab and report to a gossip magazine with an insider's viewpoint. If she is successful, she'll be able to get the music magazine job she wanted originally. However, Kate doesn't bank on the effect rehab will have on her own life, as well as what her dream opportunity will do to the friendships she has fostered, especially with this "It Girl."

The last good book I read about rehab, prior to this one, was "Rachel's Holiday" by Marian Keyes. I think that if you liked that book, you will definitely like "Spin." The first thing that stuck out for me was all the pop culture references. I'm a huge pop culture "geek," so it was fun to see what Ms. McKenzie would come up with next. I love that she quoted one of my favorite lines from "The Princess Bride" and also talked about some Christopher Guest mockumentary films (oddly enough, he was also in TPB). At the end, she includes a playlist based on the songs mentioned in each chapter. Next was the realistic dialogue and a main character with whom it was extremely easy to relate and connect. The supporting characters were all unique and a lot of fun to read about. Saundra, the counselor at rehab, especially stuck out with her dog obsession. I also liked the romantic sub-plot and how the tension built up throughout the story. Come to think of it, there wasn't anything I didn't like!

I highly suggest checking out "Spin" and making it a best seller, the way Ms. McKenzie strives to help other books become best sellers.

How to win "Spin": 
Read this excerpt and then tell us what part stood out for you the most.
Please include your e-mail address or another way to reach you if you win. One entry per person.

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Lindsay said...

What an awesome start! I imagined it being me, sitting at the computer wishing that the perfect job at a publishing house would open up! Oh, the dream of a dream job!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Lindsay @ Turning the Pages


Carl Scott said...

I love the premise here, following a celebrity into rehab to get a story. I hope the rehab scenes are written as well as the opening. If so we're in for a great ride. Thanks for hosting.

Carl Scott said...

Why do I always forget the email address, WHY!?

Stephanie said...

I love the fact that music plays a role in the story. Thanks for the giveaway!

Linda Kish said...

What a horrible way to blow an interview. I'm glad I'm not young nor still working anymore. Not drinking either. The book sounds great.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Literary Chanteuse said...

Well having been a vocalist myself and having fronted rock bands and well playing babysitter most of time it got my interest right away. It is a thrilling world to be apart of but it also comes with a lot of baggage which I'm sure this character discovers so oooh I really want to read it!


Kristen said...

What made me cringe the most was her drinking the roommate's "investment" wine... But the whole thing was great. Worst 30th birthday ever, though!


bn100 said...

I liked the part when she received a text message from her best friend.


faithspage said...

Sounds fun going "undercover".
kyfaithw at aol dot com

rubynreba said...

30th birthday, loosing her job and drinking the wine!

Leela FitzGerald said...

What stood out to me was "Kate doesn't bank on the effect rehab will have on her own life, as well as what her dream opportunity will do to the friendships she has fostered.." I can imagine going into something with one motive and once involved, being conflicted about that motive, knowing it could help you succeed but hurt another at the same time. Whatever your choice is a reflection of your character...


Cher said...

"Spin" is definitely on my must-read list! I can completely relate to a music-superfan laboring over every word on her application- who wouldn't want her dreamjob?! Looking forward to reading. Thanks!


Jeryl M. said...

Kate's 30th birthday makes me feel not so bad about some of my birthday's that I thought were horrible at the time.

Dolly said...

I've had this on my 'must read' list for ages!

Maybe because I'm also job-hunting, what stands out to me is the complexity of the written interview. "Go see a band', "buy a CD" - for pete's sake, some of these applicants are unemployed!

jcsites2002 at hotmail dot com

GoGreen said...

The part that stood out most to me was the interview that went bad.

sunnydaysrule AT hotmail DOT com

Erica said...

I recently interviewed for a new job [which I got!!!] so the part about the character showing up drunk for her dream interview really got to me.


wordywon AT gmail DOT com

Melissa said... chose Dolly! Congrats!

Dolly said...

WOOHOO!!!! I'm so excited!!! (AND on the job-hunting note, I got a second call-back this morning - what a great day!)

Thanks so much Chick Lit, and Catherine!