Thursday, February 23, 2012

Amy and Cindy share their thoughts on romance

This week, Amy and Cindy are talking about their experiences with love and romance. Their stories are sweet and we hope you will enjoy reading them!


The first couple of times I went down to meet Jason’s parents, in the town he grew up in, we passed a billboard advertising a jewelry store and it said “Amy, Will You Marry Me?” in fake looking graffiti. We found it funny every time we passed it.

Before Jason proposed, he and his father gave me a bunch of black and white family photos to look through. You would think this is odd right? The next thing I knew there was a doctored photograph from the billboard reading “Amy Lazarus, will you marry me?” Jason and his father took a picture of the billboard and inserted my last name!

At first I thought it was a joke because both Jason and his father are big jokesters. When I realized that neither of them were moving and then when Jason pulled out the ring box I knew this was not a joke. Words can't even begin to describe how happy and excited I was!

The happy couple


This Valentine’s Day my ex-husband and I would have been celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary. Instead, we've been divorced for thirteen years, and back together for six. Did you follow that? Lord knows, it's taken me some time to figure it out.

We’ve just gone through a tough time following his mom passing away after a long illness. It wasn’t easy, but we were by each other’s side strong and silent when appropriate but always lovingly. The bottom line is I’m blessed to be in a relationship with my soul mate, even if we’re no longer married.

Five years ago, I fell into a coma and he was my advocate and helped me rehabilitate so that counts for the through sickness and in health thing even without a ring on my left hand.

Sure we’ve have issues, we’re divorced, but more importantly, we’re there for the other no matter what. What I’ve learned together and apart is we’ve grown to experience unconditional love. It’s a different, perhaps a higher level of love. It’s not about romance, gifts and flights of fancy. It takes work, but it’s worth the result. I’m truly at home and at peace when I’m with my Ken.


Talli Roland said...

Two wonderful stories. Thanks for sharing, ladies!

Marilyn Brant said...

Amy, what a sweet, creative and romantic proposal!! I *loved* reading about it :).

And, Cindy, how wonderful that the bond between you and your ex-husband is so strong... I'm so glad to hear how you've both been there for each other!

Amy said...

Hi Talli and Marilyn,

Thank you for the warm and kind comments. It was the best Hanukkah gift I ever received :)