Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gail and Becky talk romance for Valentine's Day

Some of our review associates are helping us celebrate Valentine's Day by talking about what they think is romantic. Check out what they have to share!


Favorite chick lit novel couple:
Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy

Favorite romantic movie:
Love, Actually

Favorite romantic song:
"Love Like Crazy" by Lee Brice

Favorite place to go on a date:
The gun range (yikes...is the red on my neck showing?)

Gail on vacation with her husband
(those are his feet!)
Favorite moment from your wedding:
When my Grandpa declared that the photographer was “doing it wrong”, and kicked him out from behind his camera. Grandpa pretended to take over, and the photographer played along and showed Grandpa how to take a picture with his fancy camera, so one of our photos from the big day is actually one that my Grandpa took!!

Guy you would date from a chick lit novel:
Ranger from the Janet Evanovich books

Favorite Valentine's Day memory:
My husband was going to be out of town, so he hid some really nice bath products from me, and on Valentine’s evening (while I was very busy feeling sorry for myself), he phoned to apologize that he was away, and told me where to look to find my present. Adorable!

Best TV kiss:
When Chase kissed the little girl with cancer on House. (Season 2, episode 2 for those of you who follow the series)


Favorite date in a novel:
For pure amusement I enjoyed the dates Mona went on in Dee Ernst's "Better Off Without Him." Very cringe-worthy but comical.

Favorite couple from a TV series:
Carrie and Mr Big, closely followed by Charlotte and Harry! I could never tire of watching Sex and the City, and even though I've seen them all so many times I always cry at the moment when Big finds Carrie in the hotel in Paris, when she looks up and cries so do I!

Favorite romantic song:
Roberta Flack, "The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face)."  Actually, I now prefer this version by Matt Cardle who won UK's X Factor, talk about goosebumps!

Guy you would date from a chick lit novel:
Matt Jones from Cally Taylor's "Home for Christmas" based on my recent reads. He thinks he's a bad person when he's really not, he has a heart, he's gorgeous, manly, he protects Beth's modesty when she accidentally flashes her pants at him!

Favorite romantic gesture:
Not flowers or chocolate; I prefer to be made a cup of tea or hot chocolate, the little things.

Best TV series kiss:
I'd say Michael and Sara's first kiss on Prison Break, it was a long time coming! And I would love to have been her!

Favorite V-day candy:
Cadbury's chocolate, any kind of!

Favorite romantic movie: Vanilla Sky. One of my top 5 favourite films of all time, love the chemistry between David and Sofia, and it's another one I'll cry at no matter how many times I see it. "I'll see you in another life, when we are both cats." Tom Cruise gets the look of love perfectly right, suppose it helped that they did end up as a real life couple afterwards!

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Juliette Sobanet said...

I love the Big and Carrie moment in Paris too. So romantic:)