Friday, February 17, 2012

Book Review: Stay Tuned

By Melissa Amster

Ever since I started watching "How I Met Your Mother," broadcast journalism has become even more interesting to me. (Robin from HIMYM is an anchorwoman and it's been fun to watch her journey so far, as well as see what happens in a news studio when the cameras are off.) Therefore, when I heard that "Stay Tuned," by Lauren Clark, was all about a news reporter, I was excited to read it. And it definitely helped that the main character's name is Melissa.

Melissa Moore is a producer for WSGA news in Macon, Georgia. Not only is it stressful to chase stories and get the best footage possible, but she also has to deal with a crazy anchorwoman, her mother’s dementia and her husband’s physical and emotional distance. When chaos erupts between the two anchors, Melissa has to step in, which brings on a whole new level of stress to her world, especially when a handsome anchorman is added into the mix. She has to soon decide if she really has what it takes to be in front of the camera instead of behind the scenes.

I enjoyed reading “Stay Tuned.” It was fast-paced and had a lot of action and drama going on. Melissa reminded me of myself and not only because of her name. She was an interesting protagonist and I felt connected to her throughout the story. The supporting characters also added a lot of intrigue to the story and I enjoyed reading about her interactions with them. Ms. Clark added even more to my interest in broadcast journalism, as I enjoyed seeing what went on behind the scenes. It made me want to see “Broadcast News,” (which came out when I was too young to appreciate it). I enjoyed the descriptions she used, as I was easily able to visualize everything going on.

What concerned me was a lack of political correctness. I noticed that Ms. Clark gave some people “dialects,” which could be seen as offensive to those of a similar race or ethnicity that was being portrayed. Sometimes I felt like the chapters ended a bit too abruptly, where I felt there was room to add more to what was happening. I also thought things came together a little too perfectly in the end, even though I was emotionally involved by that point and happy with the outcome of all the events.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading “Stay Tuned.” It was entertaining throughout. I don’t get to use my Kindle for PC as often as I get to pick up an actual book, but this story made my breakfast time more exciting and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Melissa - I'm so glad so enjoyed Stay Tuned--I really love living in the Deep South and have been so fortunate to meet and work with many fascinating and wonderful people! (BTW - I've enjoyed HIMYM, too)

I appreciate everyone at Chick Lit Central and so enjoy your website and FB posts.

All the best, Lauren Clark

Luxembourg said...

Stay Tuned is such a refreshing read. I don't read enough contemporary as it is, and when I do pick up contemporary it tends to be happy go lucky romantic comedies. I enjoy other sub-genres but they have to be done really well to hold my interest. Anything that deals with more serious issues and/or drama has to be well written and well thought out for me to enjoy it. Stayed Tuned is all of the above. It's well written, well thought out, beleiveable and best of all utterly relatable.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Luxembourg - I enjoy happy go lucky comedies too, but Stay Tuned ended up addressing more serious issues -- aging, children at college, straying husbands, etc. So glad you liked the novel!