Monday, June 17, 2024

Book Review: The Summer Escape

By Melissa Smoot

Anna Moore didn’t just wake up one day and decide to go on a wild quest—especially since her life no longer lends itself to wild anything—so how in the world does she end up racing against the clock with Owen Harris, a sexy, enigmatic adventurist, to prove her beloved dad innocent of stealing a million-dollar necklace? 

It’s all Wendy’s fault. Her older, bossy sister, who’s seven months pregnant and on bed rest in their small Lake Tahoe hometown, is desperate to clear their departed dad’s name. Owen, though, is convinced he’s guilty as hell and wants to return the jewelry back to its rightful owner—his elderly great aunt. Together Anna and Owen go on a scavenger hunt for clues to the past (with Wendy remotely along for the ride via an earbud, supplying a running wry commentary to boot).  

On opposing sides and suspicious of each other as they are, Anna and Owen still can’t deny the inexplicable and explosive chemistry between them on this heart-stopping adventure, the outcome of which will prove the necklace isn’t the only thing stolen—their hearts have been as well. (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

This is the second book I have read by Shalvis, and I enjoyed it as much as the previous one (The Bright Spot--reviewed here). The author has a way of making her characters so relatable and realistic. Just as in the last book I read of hers, there is a fun and quirky cast of characters to round out the story. I really like how the books in this series (Sunrise Cove Series) are all set in beautiful Lake Tahoe. Shalvis describes the scenery so wonderfully and it adds more depth to the plot.

The Summer Escape had a lot of humor as well as heartfelt and thoughtful moments. I felt that it was extremely well-rounded, and the last few chapters kept me on the edge of my seat. I liked how we got the backstories for all the main characters and why the mystery of some missing items mattered to each of them. When Anna Moore finds something mysterious in her deceased fathers belongings, it leads her on an adventure that she never could have imagined. When Owen Harris shows up claiming what Anna found was stolen from his great aunt, things take an interesting turn. 

It isn’t until the end that we learn what really happened, but the road to get there was a fun one. I fell in love with Anna and Owen, and even Anna’s sometimes annoying older sister, Wendy. This book is the perfect “summer escape” if you are looking for a dreamy mental getaway.

Thanks to HarperCollins for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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