Monday, December 18, 2023

Book Review: Finding More

By Allyson Bales

"Our word is lightning."

Dean Roberts is at a never-ending crossroads.

A single dad adjusting to a world where his ex-wife barely tolerates him, and his brother is engaged to his ex-girlfriend.

But . . . he's almost a year sober.

So, at least there's that.

He just needs to keep control.

Enter Amelia James.

The green-eyed beauty has worked tirelessly to bury a haunting past.

As a kid who grew up in foster care, she decided long ago that life was easier alone.

Alone is safe.

She lives a simple life with her cat and that's more than enough for her.

When the two of them unexpectedly meet, the attraction is instant. And Amelia's interest piques when Dean starts a conversation with her in sign language.

Their one night stand becomes a series of chance encounters, something neither one of them can ignore.

But their lives are messy. And when Amelia's past joins the tumultuous winds of Dean's present, it tangles their deepening connection.

Threatening the existence they've each so carefully curated.

This is a story of the beauty in brokenness. Learning to live with our scars.

It's not about forgetting . . . it's about finding more. (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

When I first learned about Larissa Moyer, I was getting ready for a road trip and was curating a large bag of books to take along.  I am pretty sure this is why my wife leans heavily in the direction of road trip as our big vacation every year because there is no way I would be able to fit all my books in our suitcase and she knows what a bummer that would be.  I stumbled upon In Our Hands, read the synopsis, and knew IMMEDIATELY that Evelyn and Otis needed to come along on our adventure.  I was in a little coffee shop in NewFoundland when I had the pleasure of meeting them and they have been in my heart ever since.  I also got to meet Dean and when I found out that Larissa was writing another book focusing on him, I knew I needed to read it!

First of all, Is this cover not beautiful?!? Probably one of my favorite covers of all time.  I also love the feel of the cover.  It is smooth and if you know, you know when it comes to the texture of book covers and our book loving hearts.  

Finding More is a companion novel to In Our Hands and wow what a story. While they both can be read as a standalone, I highly suggest you read both.  This is another book that I don’t want to give too much away as its got everything you are going to love and just go in blind!  Trust me!  

But, if you can’t know that I immediately fell in love with Amelia and Dean. Then I had a crazy few days of work…and a wedding where I got to witness two of my most favorite people get married..and reading had to take a back seat… BUT I could not stop thinking about Amelia and Dean!  Similarly to Evelyn and Otis, I had to get back together with them as soon as possible. SO I binged the rest of this story in one day and oh. my.goodness. The spice. The way these two process their trauma while also being a safe place for one another. The ASL representation. The character growth and development. I cannot say enough good things about this book!  

There is so much depth in the story and I love how much I was rooting for a character I once really didn’t like.  Who doesn’t love a character that has that kind of come back story?  

Larissa’s characters are genuine and real and the storyline had me up late into the night feverishly unable to turn the pages fast enough to see what happens.  I loved this book!

“Never let the noise of thunder deter you from the strike of lightning.”

I also need you to meet Larissa.  She is an amazing writer and human.  I joined Bookstagram almost two years ago to meet authors like her and read books like this.  

Read this one!  You are going to love it!

CONTENT WARNING (from Amazon): Finding More contains heavy subject matter that may be triggering to sensitive readers. For a full list of trigger warnings please visit the author's Instagram page.

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