Friday, December 22, 2023

Book Review: Cop a Feel

By Sara Steven

I was seventeen years old when a shopping trip suddenly turned disastrous. Lucky for me, the most handsome man I ever laid eyes on—officer Alex Rinaldi—rescued me.

Ten years and countless disastrous first dates later, I still can’t get the hot cop out of my head.

Then life throws me a curveball. I find myself back in my hometown. Once again, Alex comes to my aid. But this time it’s like fireworks on the 4th of July—explosive and oh-so-hot. We can’t resist the magnetic pull between us.

Perfect, right?


Alex is allergic to commitment, and I live across the country. Could the odds be any more against us?

Will I be able to convince Alex that life’s too short to resist the irresistible? Or will we end up as just another hilarious footnote in the book of failed romances? (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.)

What do you do when you’ve measured every man you’ve dated against the man who came to your rescue a decade ago? You capture the rescuer! Not that Randi had ever planned to run into Alex again. I thought that was a really exciting element between Randi and Alex–the fact that a one-time meet-up with ‘Hot Cop’ during a potentially serious situation would later turn into a fateful run-in so many years after the fact.  

It’s interesting, because the synopsis states that Alex is allergic to commitment, which is definitely the case. But it appears that Randi has her own disgruntled feelings when it comes to relationships. While she doesn’t want to get too close to Alex while she’s in town, she figures if she goes in knowing that there’s no chance of a long-term relationship, that they can have as much fun as they can during two short weeks, then go their separate ways. That’s never how it happens, though. Randi feels that Alex is the perfect man for her, and Alex can’t even fathom losing Randi. 

I loved the realness of both characters. Alex has been viewed as perfect, yet he is far from, and we get to witness that with his exchanges and inner dialogue. Randi has worked most of her life to pay homage to what she’d experienced as a teenager, intent on going back to Arizona and never looking back on her hometown, but there is a lot there to go back to, not just her Hot Cop. Neither wants to change, because they’re both afraid of change. It’s in their similarities that they find common ground, but they can’t see that they ultimately want the same things. 

I love all of Hilary Grossman’s books, but Cop A Feel really hooked me. I loved the banter between characters, the honesty in the situations they are thrown in, and the spice element within certain scenes didn’t hurt, either. It was a fun, sweet experience, a definite five-star read! 

Thanks to Hilary Grossman for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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