Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Spotlight and Giveaway: Good Girls Don't Die

Today we are celebrating the publication of Christina Henry's latest novel, Good Girls Don't Die. This is a thriller like no other and it sounds like a wild ride. Thanks to Berkley, we have one copy to give away!

Celia is trapped inside a life that she knows is not hers, yet feels achingly familiar—like something she once read in a book. She’s woken up in a house with a man who claims he’s her husband, and a daughter she can’t remember having, in a cozy, idyllic town she knows is not her home. But when a cantankerous neighbor ends up dead, she will have to use all her wits to solve the murder—and the mystery of her life. 

Horror movie buff Allison knows the most important rule of the slasher: First one alone, first one to die. Which is why after what was meant to be a relaxing weekend trip with her best friends turns into a hellish night straight out of The Cabin in the Woods, she must use all her resolve to keep her group together and out of the killer’s grasp until sunrise. After all, nothing bad ever happens in broad daylight, right? 

Maggie has always been a fan of dystopian fiction, but she never expected to wake up in an  impenetrable maze with only hours to escape. With her daughter’s life hanging in the balance,  Maggie will do anything to get them home safely. But as approaches the end, she realizes a  terrible truth: in these stories, there can only be one winner. 

Together, Celia, Allie, and Maggie will discover that getting lost in a good book might just be the key to their salvation.

“Henry comes out swinging in this clever, twisty thriller, and it’s a knockout! Full of mystery, horror, and women who’ve had enough, Good Girls Don’t Die is Christina Henry at her best. TikTok take note…you’re going to love this one!”
—Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author of Road of Bones and All Hallows

“A thriller so deliciously original you'll want to devour it whole. Breakneck pacing, compelling characters, and clever meta threads elevate the tension and pull toward a stunning conclusion. An electrifying read." 
Rachel Harrison, National bestselling author of Cackle and Such Sharp Teeth

Credit: Kathryn McCallum
Osgood 2015
Christina Henry
is a horror and dark fantasy author whose works  include Horseman, Near the Bone, The Ghost Tree, Looking Glass, The Girl in Red, The  Mermaid, Lost Boy, Alice, Red Queen, and the seven-book urban fantasy Black Wings series.  

Visit Christina online:

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Giveaway ends November 19th at midnight EST.

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Fear of snakes.

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Fear of rodents

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I am fear of every second, every minute that just flew by because I will never turn back the clock to that exact moment!

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