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Book Review: Get a Room

By Sara Steven

Brian Hawkins has had the worst year. He watched his girlfriend marry another man, lost his job and his apartment, and, after a summer under his parents’ roof, has taken refuge with his younger sister. A quiet few months in Philadelphia is just what he needs to clear his head and get back on his feet. But he’s barely unpacked before the bane of his existence, his sister’s best friend shows up. His planned solitude is replaced by pop songs, rom-coms, and bright pink hair. Which would be fine, except there’s only one extra bed, and there’s no way he’s sharing it with her.

Sarah Webb didn’t think anything could be worse than a marriage-proposal-gone-wrong walk of shame to her best friend’s apartment. But she was wrong. So wrong. Because she’s not just staying with Jess, but with Jess’s older brother. Brian is grumpy and stubborn and—not that Sarah would ever admit it out loud—totally hot. He’s also off limits. Which is why she should let him have the bedroom, stop staring at his abs, and keep her distance. But playing nice isn’t in her nature.

As Sarah and Brian pull pranks and place wagers over who can lay claim to the bed, things between the rivals start to shift. Sarah can admit that Brian has his moments, and Brian sees a side of Sarah she usually keeps hidden. When she needs a last-minute date for a charity gala where her doctor-ex is going to be in attendance, Brian seems like the perfect fake date. But as they spin around the dance floor, their fledgling friendship turns to something unexpected—and only one thing’s certain… more than just the bed is up for grabs. (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.)

I love a good read that has a great tempo and keeps me engaged from start to finish, and Get a Room totally fits that bill. From the very beginning, the reader can totally feel the disdain Sarah and Brian have for one another. Sarah has always been the immature best friend of his sister Jess, which was obvious, given Sarah’s reaction when she sees Brian in what used to be “her” room. And for Sarah, Brian is the uptight and obnoxious brother who can never just let loose and have fun, also portrayed nicely within those first few chapters. But when Sarah sees Brian with his shirt off–all bets are off.

It’s more than just physical attraction, though. Over time, they discover that there is a lot more there than just immaturity and obnoxiousness. Brian has the opportunity to see Sarah at work, discovering just how passionate she is and just how giving she can be. Sarah takes Brian with her to the charity gala as her fake date, but he’s charismatic and enjoyable to be around. Not at all the uptight guy she thought he was. I appreciated the “fake date” angle here. I thought that was a really nice way to put the two characters together in an uncomfortable, awkward situation, to see how they’d fare. They both get a lot more than they bargained for.

As much as I felt a bit of contempt towards Jess–if you choose to read Get a Room, you’ll totally get where I’m coming from here–it was a necessary upset in Sarah and Brian’s world. And it was inevitable. But I could see that build-up coming. I was just as annoyed and bothered as Sarah and Brian, particularly when Sarah feels she has to choose between her best friend, who has always been her family, and the man she doesn’t think she can live without. Other factors that could tear this potential couple apart are their backgrounds, their friendships, and a possible job opportunity for Brian that would move him out of state. It made me wonder if it’s all worth it.

There are some great moments that show character evolvement, along with some pretty incredible steamy moments between Sarah and Brian. That’s always a pleasant surprise, and the author did not disappoint her readers. It was a lot of fun, complete with witty banter and characters who stick with you–a definite five-star read!

Thanks to Casey Dembowski for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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