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Book Review: Murder at the Matterhorn


By Sara Steven

A brand-new cozy crime series set in gorgeous Tuscany...It's murder in paradise! 

An old friend in need… 

Despite being retired from the police, Dan Armstrong is always on hand to help with solving a crime. So, when he’s contacted by an old colleague in need of help, Dan readily agrees. The only problem Dan can see is the location – an isolated mountain-top campsite of UFO enthusiasts. An unexplained death... But these are no ordinary star watchers, and when Dan arrives one member of the group is already dead. Some of the group suspect alien abduction, but Dan is sure the killer is much closer to home. An out of this world case? Dan doesn’t believe in aliens, but faced with black hole of secrecy from the group of suspects, he and Oscar have their work cut out to catch the murderer…before they strike again. It's another case for Dan and Oscar to solve! (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.)

It’s another fantastic read by T.A. Williams! The Armstrong and Oscar Cozy Mysteries series always has the best stories and unique plots, and this by far was one of the more unique plotlines. This time, Dan is tasked with digging deeper into a potential murder among UFO enthusiasts. Given the background of Tuscany and Dan’s prior mysteries, a reader would never suspect that Dan would find himself among ufologists, but he takes it all in stride. Despite not believing in UFOs, he has to make it appear as though he does in order to get to the bottom of things. 

As always, there is a long list of potential suspects and Dan reflects on all of them, one by one, to ensure the reader is following right along with him. From the get go, we’re focused on certain possible perps, and I had a feeling it might be one person who appeared to be glaringly obvious, but then that lead didn’t pan out, only to have to follow a new lead to someone else…Murder at the Matterhorn really kept me on my toes, from start to finish, in order to discover the truth. 

Oscar truly is the best! In one particular scene, when faced with possible tragedy and an injured character, Oscar literally lies next to the injured character in order to provide his own body heat. It was the sweetest, most touching gesture ever. A reader can’t help but feel more endeared to such a beautiful creature, and he really makes me appreciate my own dog all the more. 

Usually, I read mysteries that are harder around the edges, with plenty of scary undertones, but there is comfort and warmth within this cozy mystery series. We still get the thrill of the chase, along with the suspense needed in order to keep us on the hook, but Dan and Oscar add a fantastic element that really rounds everything out. Not to mention T.A. Williams and his signature style for creating an incredible scenic backdrop that is always another character within his stories. I look forward to the next mystery for this dynamic duo to solve! It was a definite five-star experience for me.

Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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T A Williams is the author of over twenty bestselling romances for HQ and Canelo and is now turning his hand to cosy crime, set in his beloved Italy, for Boldwood. The series introduces us to retired DCI Armstrong and his labrador Oscar and the first book, entitled Murder in Tuscany, was published in October 2022. T.A. lives in Devon with his Italian wife.

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