Thursday, February 2, 2023

Spotlight: The Chemistry of Love

Sariah Wilson's latest rom-com, The Chemistry of Love, released yesterday. We're pleased to feature it today. You can see what Melissa thought of it (and who she'd cast in the movie version) here. Thanks to Kaye Publicity, we have one copy for a lucky reader!

True love requires a little research and development in a funny, heart-racing romance by Sariah Wilson, the bestselling author of The Paid Bridesmaid.

How can Anna Ellis, a geeky, brilliant, and hopelessly smitten cosmetic chemist possibly win over Craig Kimball, the man of her dreams—who also happens to be her boss? The answer is Craig’s empathetic (and handsome) CEO half brother, Marco. The makeup mogul knows Craig for the ridiculously competitive rival he is. Whatever Marco has, Craig wants. That can be Anna, if she’s game to play.

All Anna and Marco have to do is pretend they’re falling in love and let the rumors begin. If the experiment in attraction works, a jealous Craig will swoop in and give Anna her happily ever after—if it weren’t for one hitch in the plan. There’s more to Marco than meets the eye. With every fake date, Anna’s feelings are starting to become dizzyingly real.

Blame it on chemistry. It’s unpredictable, exciting, and occasionally combustible. If Anna and Marco are really falling in love, who are they to argue with science? (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

“Abundant pop culture references and nerdy quips only enhance…This is utterly adorable.” 
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“In this adorable romantic comedy, the fake dating trope is taken to another level with banter and nerdy references Anna and Marco throw around. Adding to the fun, Anna’s grandparents and their pet birds will have readers in stitches. A fresh and fun romance from Wilson.” 
Library Journal

Credit: JordanBree Photography
A passionate believer in happily-ever-afters, Sariah Wilson and her own soulmate live in Utah with their four children and the two family cats. Her belief in true love has inspired several bestselling rom-coms including CINDER-NANNY, THE PAID BRIDESMAID, ROOMAID and THE SEAT FILLER, as well as such bestselling romance series as End of the Line (THE FRIEND ZONE, JUST A BOYFRIEND); Lovestruck (#STARSTRUCK, #MOONSTRUCK, #AWESTRUCK); Ugly Stepsisters (THE UGLY STEPSISTER STRIKES BACK; PROMPOSAL), Royals of Monterra (ROYAL DATE, ROYAL CHASE, ROYAL GAMES, ROYAL DESIGN).

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Melissa said...

I've always been a huge fan of Disney! So many wonderful stories and characters and they always bring back fond memories.

Marta Suárez Mazaira said...

Books, and more specifically chicklit, I think that's the reason I've started hoarding ;)

Toni Laliberte said...

I'm a huge fan of the television show Supernatural. Even though it's not on anymore, I'll always be a fan of it. My favorite character is Dean. Such a hunk!

Rita Wray said...

I'm a huge fan of reading, I have been since I was a young girl growing up in Australia. I fell in love with reading after reading the Secret Seven books by Enid Blyton.

Bonnie K. said...

I'm a big fan of PBS programs with Masterpiece Theater being my top favorite.

Mary C said...

I'm a big fan of libraries. My branch library opened when I was five - wonderful Children's librarian. When I had read everything of interest on the children's side, she would select books for me from the adult side'

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I'm a big fan of Disney.

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I love Disney and Star Wars