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Book Review: The Wrong Ghost

By Sara Steven

When Beatrice Beaumont loses her husband, George, she finds herself raising their young daughter alone in the ancestral home, Ketton Hall, deep in the Suffolk countryside. With Christmas approaching and marking the first anniversary of George’s death, there’s nothing Bea wants more than to have him back again.

One night, she makes a wish for him to return and gets the shock of her life when a ghost appears. But it isn’t her George...

The Wrong Ghost is a delightful Christmas novella, full of warmth and charm, perfect for a dark winter’s night in a cosy, candle-lit room. (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon)

The Wrong Ghost felt like the perfect comfy cozy novella to read while drinking tea in front of a warm fire. I instantly tucked in, discovering Bea’s life at Ketton Hall. Her dealings with grief felt realistic, particularly in how she makes a strong effort to hold it all together for her daughter’s sake. At first, when George the ghost appears to her, I wasn’t sure if it really would be the ghost in question, or if it was some sort of manifestation brought on by loneliness. Bea herself questions that. But given some time, it’s obvious that George is there to stay, and I loved the friendship that developed between them. 

There is a moment of contention for Bea when she deals with a relative of her deceased husband. Simeon seemed to be a pretty slimy guy, and even though I really didn’t like him, I wondered if there would be more at play–possibly a sequel? Simeon is convinced that Ketton Hall should belong to him, threatening to do whatever it takes to make that happen. At various moments in the book, I feared he might come back to bother her, show up unannounced, or worse, find some sort of loophole and pull Ketton Hall from Bea. 

I’d also wondered if Bea’s husband George would show up. I was surprised by the little twist at the end, and appreciated it. It would have been a little too easy to wrap everything up and end the novella with Bea’s husband, but it didn’t end that way at all! Plus, it opened the door for a possible sequel. Given the background and the many ancestors in George’s family, you never know. 

The biggest and brightest character within The Wrong Ghost is the holiday season. Despite the circumstances, Bea wants to celebrate Christmas with her loved ones–the ones who are living, and the ones who aren’t. I loved all the nuances and bits and baubles that really felt wintery and seasonal, making this the perfect five-star festive experience!

Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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