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Book Review: A Sister's Promise

By Sara Steven

Sisters Laura and Penny were once close, bonded together after the early death of their mother. Laura always had her younger sister’s back until one day everything changed and Penny disappeared.

Twenty years later Laura finds herself alone and at a crossroad in her life; questioning her marriage and her future.

Meanwhile Penny has spent her whole life running away from her problems until one day she is forced to stop and face the shocking truth.

When Penny turns up on Laura’s doorstep late one stormy night, holding the hand of a shivering little girl, Laura is immediately suspicious of her sister’s motives. Just what does Penny want and who is this little girl?

Penny carries a devastating secret that will test their bond as sisters and is forced to make an impossible choice.

Can the sisters find it within their hearts to forgive and unite before it’s too late? (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.)

A Sister’s Promise was such an emotional experience for me. There were several scenes that left me teary-eyed, particularly the ones between Laura and Penny. Both women haven’t seen one another in twenty years, due to a fight that led to their falling out. It’s obvious that perceptions are based on that period of time, which is why it’s so hard for Laura to believe that Penny has grown up and on top of that, she has her own child to provide for. 
The same can be said for how Penny views Laura. Laura had always been the one who always had it together, yet Penny discovers that her sister is dealing with a lot of contention within her own relationships. Both characters need to own up to the secrets of the last two decades before they even have a chance of reconciliation. On top of that are other issues that Penny is dealing with, which could potentially mean a massive change in not only their relationship, but in the way they both view the world and how they manage within it. 

I really loved the two opposing characteristics between the sisters. Laura grounds Penny, and Penny gives Laura strength. They’re both a huge support system to the other, even when there are moments when Laura leans too much on platitudes and won’t let Penny be, and Penny doesn’t take life as seriously as Laura thinks Penny should. While this book focuses a lot on the relationships between family and loved ones, the main focus is the sisterly bonds that both women need to rely and depend on to get through their time of need. 

While I had a pretty good idea of how the story would end, it still hit me pretty hard. Something I’d learned a while back in one of my college courses was how many of us have been taught not to embrace or at a much lesser level, come to better understand the circle of life and what it can mean. It can be incredibly painful and frightening, which was described well within A Sister’s Promise, but there were plenty of moments that showcased the importance of celebrating a life lived, and how to deal with loss in a respectful way. It was a touching experience, and one I won’t forget. A definite five-star read.

Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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Caroline Finnerty is an Irish author of heart-wrenching family dramas and has compiled a non-fiction charity anthology. She has been shortlisted for several short-story awards and lives in County Kildare with her husband and four young children.

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