Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Book Review: The Widow


By Sara Steven

Grieving or guilty?

When Allison’s wealthy and charming husband Peter is found dead, she appears distraught, devastated….delighted?

Because despite an apparently picture-perfect marriage, Allison knows it was all built on a bed of lies.

And as the truth regarding Peter’s life and death are revealed, Alison must try to keep her own dark past buried.

Because if Peter was keeping secrets, then his widow is too… (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads)

There were a multitude of twists and turns within The Widow! A few different plot twists with Allison at the center of them all, and I wasn’t sure at any given moment how Allison would react–if she would feed into that “monster” she keeps buried from her past, or if she’d grown past that. 

Her “monster” stems from her childhood, and it’s obvious Allison has carried it with her into adulthood. When she meets Peter, I had high hopes that maybe with the newfound relationship, that maybe better things would be in store for her. Something I really liked about the revelations within this book is the way it’s slowly revealed to the reader. What Peter really means to Allison, what Peter hides from Allison, and ultimately, what really happened to Peter. I was constantly left guessing and wondering what was really going on, which was really exciting. 

Then there’s Jo and Portia, two secondary characters who bring about subplots that only added to the intensity. Both women have befriended Allison–but why? And who are they really? The situation with Portia was shocking, while Jo’s story threw me for a loop, because while I’d had a feeling I knew what she’d eventually reveal to Allison, I didn’t know just how in-depth it would go. 

The ending was nothing short of satisfying. It felt like I was watching some crime/mystery movie that turned me on my head, but felt like it was the right move for the situation, the characters, and most importantly, Allison. Can a monster be redeemed? That’s the biggest question here for Allison, one that I could totally get behind and delve into. It was a riveting read!

Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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