Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Double Feature Spotlight and Giveaway: Susan Coventry novels

Susan Coventry was here in May to talk about the first rom-com from her Love Lessons series, Teach Me Tonight. She's back today to feature the next two novels in this series, The Learning Curve and The Make-Up Test. Susan has one copy of each for a lucky reader!

Susan Coventry is the author of over twenty-five contemporary romance novels and multiple series. She's also an avid reader of romance, historical fiction (particularly WWII), and women's fiction. Susan has a degree in Elementary Education although she never became a teacher. After several years of working in the insurance and real estate industries, she became a stay-at-home mom, and was finally able to pursue her true passion—writing!

 Today, Susan spends most of her time writing "sweet and sexy" romance novels with a touch of humor. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading, puzzling, and walking her lovable Labradoodle. Susan lives with her family in Southeast Michigan where many of her novels are set. (Bio courtesy of Susan's website.)

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Love has a learning curve...

She's a single mom.
Reese Keller is a junior high school history teacher and mother of a young son. Between teaching all day, and caring for her son, Brandon, she doesn’t have much time left over for a social life. Her focus is on being a good teacher and mom, and she’s convinced that is all she needs.

He's her student teacher.
Nolan Hart can’t wait to graduate college and become a teacher, but first, he has to complete his student teaching assignment. In Ms. Keller’s history class, his goal is to make a good impression and do a stand-up job. Any attraction he feels toward her must be ignored. However, the more he gets to know her, the harder that becomes.

She tries to resist him.
Nolan is young, handsome, and charming, but she isn’t interested in becoming his friend or anything else. Her job is to mentor and evaluate him at the end of the semester. She’s determined to keep things strictly professional, but that becomes easier said than done.

He's determined to break down her walls.
Nolan slowly earns her trust, and they began spending time together outside the classroom as well as inside. Their path to romance isn’t a smooth one though. They have to contend with nosy coworkers, her surly ex-husband, and his jealous ex-girlfriend. Despite all the obstacles, he can’t help falling in love with her, and her son too.

What happens when his assignment is over?
Falling in love with her student teacher wasn’t in her plans. Suddenly, Reese feels like she has a lot to lose, including her job. As the end of his assignment nears, she wonders what happens next. Will Nolan walk away, leaving her and her son brokenhearted? Or do they have a chance at forever? (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

She was doing fine until he walked in!

Paige Brennan is at a good place in her life. She works as a junior high school counselor, helping kids navigate the tumultuous teen years. She shares her home with two lovable pets, a cat and dog, and considers herself happy or at least contented. Then, the man responsible for one of her most painful teenage memories, appears at her school. Just like that, her life is turned upside down.

He never stopped thinking about her.

Brody Romano, a proud police officer, is assigned to Paige's school as a police liaison. He's anxious to help beef up the school's security, but he has a personal reason for wanting to be there too. Paige was the girl next door and younger sister of his best friend. She was supposed to be off limits, but he never forgot the intimate moment they shared years ago.

She tried hard to forget about him.

As a teen, Paige had a major crush on her brother's best friend. She kept it hidden until that fateful night she mistakenly bared her feelings to him. Afterward, she vowed to forget about him and was mostly successful until he sauntered into her school.

He finally has a chance to make it up to her.

Brody is pleased when the principal asks him to work closely with Paige. Now he has a chance to redeem himself, though she doesn't share his enthusiasm. He has his work cut out for him, but he's up to the challenge. He's determined to show her the man he is today versus the boy she once knew.

Will she ever forgive him?

Working closely together forces Paige to confront her feelings about the boy who broke her heart. Despite his best efforts, she's reluctant to open up to him again. Will she overcome her fear and forgive him? Is this the second chance she didn't know she was waiting for? (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

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