Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Book Review: The Color of Ice

By Cindy Roesel

Once again, Barbara Linn Probst takes us on a journey a few may have traveled, but most of us can only imagine. In The Color of Ice (She Writes Press), Cathryn McAllister, a photographer who has never been able to pursue her dream to make art gets her chance. She's the mother of two adult children and alone after the accidental death of her cheating husband. She realizes she has the opportunity to do what she wants. She walks away from a commercial photography career and takes up freelancing. She learns of a job interviewing a glassblower in Iceland and takes it. She'll do the job and go sight seeing after, or she thinks..

Henry Malcolm Charbonneau, known as "Mack", is Cathryn's subject. He's creating a glass series inspired by the blue glaciers of Iceland. He's emotionally unavailable and he has secrets but Cathryn finds something intriguing about him. She finds herself going into his workroom to "help out" when not needed. 

Cathryn and Mack are both lost souls who have suffered and are angry. Art is their common interest and after a brief affair, each is able to let their guard down and discover the beauty of each one's love of art.

Once again, Barbara creates complex characters in an unique environment. I really liked the characters, particularly Cathryn. I enjoyed watching her grow and fulfill her dreams. Barbara explained the art of blowing glass so intricately, I could feel the heat and visualize the scene. The descriptions of Iceland were so beautiful that I wanted to hop a flight right way. But ultimately, The Color of Ice is about a woman accepting a nonlinear path to happiness and self-acceptance.

Thanks to Get Red PR for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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