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Kimberly Belle's latest literary a book giveaway

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We're pleased to have Kimberly Belle back at CLC to help us end 2021. Her latest psychological thriller, My Darling Husband, releases tomorrow in digital and audio and Melissa is excited to read it soon (it's already in her Kindle queue). Thanks to Park Row (HarperCollins), we have THREE advanced print copies to give away!

Kimberly Belle is the USA Today and internationally bestselling author of seven novels, including her upcoming My Darling Husband and The Marriage Lie, a Goodreads Choice Awards semifinalist for Best Mystery & Thriller. Her books have been published in more than in a dozen languages and have been optioned for film and television. A graduate of Agnes Scott College, Belle divides her time between Atlanta and Amsterdam. (Bio courtesy of Kimberly's website.)

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Everyone is about to know what her husband isn’t telling her…

Jade and Cam Lasky are by all accounts a happily married couple with two adorable kids, a spacious home and a rapidly growing restaurant business. But their world is tipped upside down when Jade is confronted by a masked home invader. As Cam scrambles to gather the ransom money, Jade starts to wonder if they’re as financially secure as their lifestyle suggests, and what other secrets her husband is keeping from her.

Cam may be a good father, a celebrity chef and a darling husband, but there’s another side he’s kept hidden from Jade that has put their family in danger. Unbeknownst to Cam and Jade, the home invader has been watching them and is about to turn their family secrets into a public scandal.

With riveting twists and a breakneck pace, My Darling Husband is an utterly compelling thriller that once again showcases Kimberly Belle's exceptional talent for domestic suspense. (Courtesy of Amazon.)

"In the kind of twisty page-turner that readers know they can rely on Belle to deliver, a mother fights for the lives of her children while trying to unravel her husband’s secret life. Riveting suspense, truly surprising revelations, and silky smooth writing make this one unmissable!"  
— Joshilyn Jackson, New York Times bestselling author of Mother May I

"This novel should come with two warnings: a) clear your schedule because once you start you can’t stop, and b) hold on tight because you’re in for one hell of a ride. Gripping, intense and utterly bingeworthy, MY DARLING HUSBAND had me holding my breath more times than I can count. Fabulously constructed, brilliantly layered and secretive characters, plus heroines you’ll cheer for, Belle once again proves she’s a true master of domestic suspense. Do yourself a favor and pick this book up now!” 
— Hannah Mary McKinnon, bestselling author of Sister Dear and You Will Remember Me

What were the biggest rewards and challenges with writing My Darling Husband?
I started My Darling Husband in early 2020—my pandemic book that has nothing to do with the pandemic—and it’s the fastest I’ve ever written a story, in four short months. Partly because there was little else to do at the time, but mostly because it provided the perfect distraction from all the scary developments happening outside my family’s bubble. All the helplessness I felt, all the fear and confusion…it was almost a relief to transfer these feelings to the page. Jade’s situation was very different from mine, but she was working through a lot of the same emotions, and writing her story helped me process mine.

At the same time, writing a story about a mother protecting two small children from an armed and masked stranger wasn’t easy. I am a mother, too, and it was often hard to put an adequate distance between my own story and Jade’s. Her emotions were my emotions; her actions were ones I could see myself taking in order to save my children. There’s a lot of me—my pluck and my fears—in Jade.

What is your ideal writing environment?
My best words come in the morning and in the complete silence of an empty house…and then along came Covid. Suddenly the house was full of noisy people talking on the phone, watching television, interrupting me to ask me what’s for dinner. I learned very quickly to tune them out with headphones, and I also discovered the app They have a collection of musical tones that are supposed to help you concentrate, and a category specifically for creative focus. It really works for me, though I still prefer the peace of writing in silence. 

If My Darling Husband were made into a movie, what are some songs that would be on the soundtrack?
Hmm, this one was hard! But here are a few that would fit well with the story:
"Look What You Made Me Do" by Taylor Swift
"Sorry" by Beyonce
"Love Me Now" by John Legend
"Man Down" by Rihanna

What is the last book you read that you would recommend?
I know I’m super late getting on the Untamed train, but I recently read Glennon Doyle’s memoir and LOVED it. Untamed is a gorgeously written story of navigating divorce and falling in love and creating a beautiful, blended family where everyone is thriving. But it's also a wake up call for women everywhere, one that teaches us how to unleash our truest, wildest instincts and become the best, most authentic version of ourselves in the process. I adored every word.

What have you learned about yourself during the pandemic?
Like most people, my world has really shrunk these past few years, but Covid has also shone a spotlight on the things in my life that are really important. My people and their health. The freedom to go places and see loved ones and travel. A feeling of safety and security—which thanks to this latest wave feels as far away as at the beginning of the pandemic. The pandemic has put a wedge in a couple of my friendships, unfortunately, but the ones I’ve kept have deepened, become so much more valuable and enriching. Covid has made me much more intentional with how and with whom I spend my time, and I no longer sweat the small stuff. As much as I hate the virus that brought me to this place, I feel so much more enlightened about myself and my life, and I feel extremely blessed. 

Do you have any traditions for ringing in the new year? If so, what are they?
I love a good party, but not on New Year’s Eve. The drunken crowds, the noise and craziness, the build up to midnight that somehow always feels anti-climactic… I always end up disappointed or freezing or waiting ages for a cab that never comes or charges me a fortune. It’s why I prefer smaller, more intimate gatherings at my house or a friend’s, where I can ring in the new year with some of my very favorite people. Cue the music and dancing (did I mention my husband has a DJ table?), and of course there’s always plenty of champagne!

Thanks to Kimberly for visiting with us and to Park Row for sharing her book with our readers.

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Anonymous said...

For about 25 years, we took turns having dinner with a couple. The husband passed away of the other couple and the tradition ended. My husband and I now share an antipasto tray and watch TV.

GrandmaD said...

Kimberly Belle is a wonderful author. I look forward to reading this book. Thank you for the opportunity!

Emily Catan said...

Thank you for this wonderful interview which allows me to know Kimberly Belle better. Love the book title and cover that make it such intriguing and suspenseful!

Nancy said...

We do not have any specific New Year's Eve traditions. We stay at home. On New Year's Day, I like to cook and eat "lucky" southern foods: black eyed peas, greens, cornbread, and ham.

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Carla S. said...

When my parents were living, it was our tradition that I would call them right at midnight because December 31st was also my Dad's birthday.

Padmini Rao said...

I normally go out to our local Hilton hotel with friends for their big New Year’s Eve party.

traveler said...

We enjoy the evening with family and storytelling.

Mary Patricia Bird said...

No, I am not very sociable. I hate the drinking crowd. And now more than ever is a reason to stay home. My husband is usually in bed long before midnight if he doesn't go out.

diannekc said...

No, New Year's Eve traditions. Usually go out for a late lunch and stay home and watch a movie.

Mary Preston said...

No, I sleep through New Year's Eve these days.

Mary C said...

We celebrate with champagne and strawberry shortcake.

Linda Kish said...

No, I watch some of the East Coast TV productions and go to bed early.

dstoutholcomb said...

We watch the ball drop on TV.

Nancy P said...

No traditions or plans for the day. Celebrating with friends a few days before.

Jackie said...

My boyfriend and I go Winter Camping in a Yurt (insulated tent with heat!) available at the Provincial Park about an hour away from us. It's always a blast, and we meet so many interesting people too! :)

Burma Turner said...

Don't really gave any traditions, always stay home. This book sounds so good!

Anita Yancey said...

No, we just stay home and watch TV.

John Smith said...

"Do you have any New Year's Eve traditions?" No one in our family has ever been keen on New Year's. I guess we're just not "fun."

SJEI said...

I have a long tradition of staying home! I also have a list of things to do to bring good luck despite no evidence they work…

Unknown said...

Not really. We usually stay home and have a nice dinner.

Unknown said...

Not really. The last 2 years we stayed home and had a nice dinner

rubynreba said...

No, we usually stay at home and watch football!

Caron McKinlay said...

Fabulous interview and the book sounds fantastic. Congratulations