Monday, December 13, 2021

Book Review: Mom Walks: Catching Up

By Melissa Amster

Can a mom preserve her tween's authenticity under the pressure of middle school? Maybe, but first she has to prove she can stay true to herself.

Parenting through the middle school years can test any mom. And Dawn's wealthy community and its pressure-cooker atmosphere don't make it easier. She cringes watching her sixth-grade daughter, Kayli, cave to superficial trends and disregard what's important to her just to fit in. Overwhelmed and underinformed in navigating this minefield, Dawn jumps at the chance to volunteer with some parenting insiders. But the role quickly consumes Dawn and inserts her into the very mom drama she detests. Worse yet, Dawn's still failing to prevent Kayli from succumbing to her peer influencers. In fact, Dawn starts doing the same. With her work-life balance and her daughter's character at stake, Dawn must learn to stand up for what she believes in before it's too late to show her daughter how it's done. (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

Mom Walks: Catching Up is my favorite of this series so far. I could really relate to Dawn and sympathize with her a lot. Dawn's conversations with Kayli were so similar to my conversations with my daughter that I was worried the author was spying on me. I totally know how Dawn feels with overextending herself to please everyone else. The mom gossip and cattiness was so similar to middle school and I'm glad that I don't usually get caught up in such drama. Then again, I have yet to join a PTA or get involved. I got annoyed with how Meg was pushing Dawn into that whole situation, as well. While I sometimes got so frustrated on Dawn's behalf, there were also parts of the story where I just laughed out loud. I know there's supposed to be another book in this series and I am already looking forward to it!

Movie (or TV series) casting suggestions:
Brenda: Anne Dudek

Thanks to Rebecca Prenevost for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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