Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Book Review: Couples Wanted

By Sara Steven

Adventurous and open-minded, newlyweds Bridget and Roman are determined to keep their relationship exciting. So, when they meet married swingers Corinne and Patrick, they're instantly drawn to their carefree glamour and warm promise of friendship. And after swapping spouses for one passionate, exhilarating night, Bridget and Roman feel fulfilled and closer together than ever...

Until Corinne and Patrick start turning possessive, wanting more of them than Bridget and Roman can ever give. Soon, the young couple is plunged into a nightmare of suspicion, lies, and secrets in which they can't trust each other--or what they think they know about themselves. Pushed to the breaking point, they must uncover the truth behind the other couple's machinations. But when the dust settles, there's no guarantee Bridget and Roman will have their love--or anything else--left to save… (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads)

I’d finished one book one evening, before starting in on Couples Wanted. I ended up reading it from start to finish, all night, in one sitting! It really was that good. I had a hard time tearing myself away from the drama that quietly makes itself known when Bridget introduces Roman to the swinging lifestyle. The supposed reactions I thought they might have after going through with it, the potential fall out was nothing compared to what actually happens!

There were definite Single White Female vibes going on between Corinne and Bridget. At first, many of the changes Corinne makes feels harmless and not worth pointing out, yet as the story unfolds, we learn more and more about how tied she feels to Bridget and moreso, to Roman.  It puts her on a path to internal destruction, all in the name of acceptance. Patrick isn’t the best husband for Corinne, and she wants what Bridget has. 

In particular scenes, I thought, “Oh, okay, I see what’s coming,” and then BAM! It wasn’t what I’d expected at all, particularly where Patrick and Roman are concerned. Ultimately, who is the bad guy? And given all Corinne has gone through while processing wanting to live her best life as best she can, despite what others might think, is it any wonder that she does everything she can to seek out happiness, at any cost?

This was the ultimate thriller. It wasn’t blatantly obvious, but handed out in a much more subtle manner, which keeps the reader guessing. It certainly kept me guessing. Thrown in are plenty of hot and steamy moments that really stood out, balancing out the thrill, making this the perfect psychological five-star experience!

Thanks to SparkPoint Studio for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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