Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Sophie Kinsella is the life of the party...plus a book giveaway

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Sophie Kinsella is a household name at CLC. We always enjoy having her here for a visit and devouring her humorous romcom novels. Today, we're celebrating the publication of her latest novel, The Party Crasher. Melissa recently read and enjoyed this one and will be reviewing it soon. Check out her bookstagram post in the meantime. Thanks to Random House, we have TWO copies to give away!

Sophie Kinsella is the author of the bestselling Shopaholic series, as well as the novels Can You Keep a Secret?, The Undomestic Goddess, Remember Me?, Twenties Girl, I've Got Your Number, Wedding Night, My Not So Perfect Life, Surprise Me, I Owe You One, and Love Your Life. She lives in London.
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It’s been almost two years since Effie’s beloved parents got divorced, destroying the image of the happy, loving childhood she thought she had. Since then, she’s become estranged from her father and embarked on a feud with his hot (and much younger) girlfriend, Krista. And now, more earth-shattering news: Greenoaks, the rambling Victorian country house Effie called home her whole life, has been sold.

When Krista decides to throw a grand “house-cooling” party, Effie is originally left off the guest list—and then receives a last-minute “anti-invitation” (maybe it’s because she called Krista a gold-digger, but Krista totally deserved it, and it was mostly a joke anyway). Effie declines, but then remembers a beloved childhood treasure is still hidden in the house. Her only chance to retrieve it is to break into Greenoaks while everyone is busy celebrating. As Effie sneaks around the house, hiding under tables and peeping through trapdoors, she realizes the secrets Greenoaks holds aren’t just in the dusty passageways and hidden attics she grew up exploring. Watching how her sister, brother, and dad behave when they think no one is looking, Effie overhears conversations, makes discoveries, and begins to see her family in a new light. Then she runs into Joe—the love of her life, who long ago broke her heart, and who’s still as handsome and funny as ever—and even more truths emerge.

But will Effie act on these revelations? Will she stay hidden or step out into the party and take her place with her family? And truthfully, why did she really come back to Greenoaks? Over the course of one blowout party, Effie realizes that she must be honest with herself and confront her past before she’ll ever be able to face her future.

What is the inspiration behind The Party Crasher?
I think The Party Crasher was subconsciously inspired by lockdown – I was desperate to write about a party as a kind of escapism!

How is Effie similar to or different from you?
I’m much more conciliatory than Effie and I always like to see the best in people, like her sister Bean - although I can sometimes have a stubborn streak, which is how I was able to write Effie!

If The Party Crasher were made into a movie, what songs would be on the soundtrack?
"I Gotta Feeling," "I Heard it Through the Grapevine," "I’m Still Standing," and "We Are Family."

Tell us something memorable about the last party you attended.
I’ve just been to my first big party since lockdown. The theme was ’The Golden Age of Steam’ and I rented a gold jacket to wear. This was my first ever fashion rental - and it was fantastic! I’m hooked.

What is something you've learned about yourself during the pandemic?
I’ve learned how to cut my family’s hair. (Very badly.)

Since Halloween is almost here, what is the most creative costume you've ever worn?
When I was pregnant, I wore a big shiny pumpkin costume. It fit perfectly over my bump and people didn’t even realise I was pregnant!

Thanks to Sophie for visiting with us and to Random House for sharing her book with our readers.

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Melissa said...

The last party I attended was my niece's 7th birthday party in the Summer. One of my fondest memory from her party was belting out our favorite songs together and dancing! We always have such a fun time when music and singing is involved.

Padmini Rao said...

The last party I attended was a friend’s wedding reception prior to Covid. The reception was a Hindu reception so there was lots of singing and dancing. It was a very festive atmosphere.

Kelley said...

It was my friends 5 year old daughter’s party. I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile .

Toni Laliberte said...

The last memorable party I attended was my son and granddaughter birthday party. They share a birthday! His 30th and her 1st. My son always wanted a baby and he got one, on his 29th birthday. So to see them celebrate and to celebrate them together, was very memorable!

Mary Patricia Bird said...

I don't remember the last party I attended! Covid. I'm not much of a party-goer. Probably my niece's wedding. Nothing memorable accept for the maple butter tarts for dessert at the reception.

traveler said...

A party which was memorable and special was my granddaughters who had a combined one with their own concert.

Nancy P said...

I tried a new British dish I hadn't had & met with some newer friends that I adore.

Mary C said...

My niece introduced us to her fiancé.

Rita Wray said...

I haven't been to a party in a long time because of Covid. The last one was my grandson's birthday, It was fun to see people I hadn't seen in a long time.

diannekc said...

Because of Covid, I haven't been to a real party in awhile. I've been to a couple of kids birthday parties, but that's about it.

Linda Kish said...

The last party was my DIL's birthday party last week. I spent it trying to keep the kids from doing anything harmful to the chickens, ducks or roosters.

Mary Preston said...

The decorations were lovely. All pink and gold.

Bonnie K. said...

I think the last memorable party was the 50th wedding anniversary party my brothers and I gave my parents over 14 years ago.

StoreyBookLover said...

I am not much of a partier. My idea of a good party is a cup of coffee and a good book! :)

Nina said...

The last memorable party I attended was my wedding a few years back!

holdenj said...

We attended a small wedding. It was memorable because it has been so long since we have been together.

bn100 said...

friend's wedding

Lelia said...

Summer picnic with friends! They have a home on small lake. perfect weather for cook out and boat ride.

Anita Yancey said...

The last party I went to was a kid's birthday, and one of the kids smeared cake all over their face.

Michelle J said...

The last party I attended was for my neice, I made a pinata for her birthday, and it was way to strong...took forever for the kids to smash it!