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Kris Clink's writing goes above the a book giveaway

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We're pleased to welcome Kris Clink to CLC today. Sissie Klein is Completely Normal (book two in the Enchanted Rock Series) publishes in early November, but thanks to Get Red PR, we have one copy for a lucky reader! This novel can be read as a standalone, but may contain spoilers for Goodbye Lark Lovejoy.

Kris Clink is the author of Goodbye, Lark Lovejoy and Sissie Klein is Completely Normal, which have received praise from Bustle, Midwest Book Review, Kirkus Reviews,, Lone Star Literary, Brit + Co, Travel and Leisure Magazine, and Entertainment Weekly, among others. Set in middle America, her novels are laced with love, heartbreak, and just enough snark to rock the boat for the relatable characters as they confront transformative challenges.

She’s a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association and The Author’s Guild. Before becoming a novelist, she coordinated business development in medical environments and managed an office of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Since then, her work has been published in Moms Don’t Have Time to Write on Medium, diyMFA, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Women Writers Women’s Books, and Accent West Magazine. She is the host of Kris Clink’s Writing Table, a podcast about books and writing, where she interviews a variety of publishing professionals and authors from Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler) to Camille Pagán.

Calling Texas home for most of her life, Kris now lives in Kansas. She and her husband have filled their empty nest with two spoiled-rotten pups. When not writing, Kris is playing pickleball with friends or searching for an open karaoke mic and an understanding audience. (Bio courtesy of Kris's website.)

Visit Kris online:
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One mistake can steal your innocence. One promise can plague a friendship. One secret can tear apart a family.

Sissie Klein barely remembers the night that tore her from the carefree life she knew. Not long after the shocked teen is pushed into marriage, she’s rushed to the hospital where a catastrophic delivery seals her destiny.

Sissie is determined to give her daughter the opportunities she forfeited, but some fates can’t be avoided. Tragedy strikes, leaving behind a legacy of deceit—and an orphaned toddler.

Told with heartbreaking honesty and shrewd humor,
Sissie Klein Is Completely Normal examines the ties that bind us—some inherited, others chosen—none without their share of agonizing tangles. (Courtesy of Amazon.)

Sissie Klein Is Completely Normal is a bittersweet and compulsively readable reminder that no matter what life may hand you, it’s never too late to carve your own path. Kris Clink is a gifted storyteller and I can’t wait to read what she writes next.”
—Camille Pagán, best-selling author of Don't Make Me Turn This Life Around

Once again, Clink delivers a beautifully crafted story, rich with family drama and all the emotions that come with it. Told with impeccably sharp wit, superb dialogue, and unrelenting heart, Sissie Klein Is Completely Normal is sure to keep readers up too late, eager to turn to the next page.”
—Bethany Crandell, author of See Jane Snap

“A quaint and heartfelt exploration of familial devotion and the sacrifices parents will make for their children. If you love contemporary relationship fiction, this book is for you.”
—Suzanne Park, author of Loathe at First Sight

What is a favorite compliment you have received on your writing?
A veteran sent me a message saying they felt understood by my depiction of Wyatt’s post-war trauma in my first book, Goodbye, Lark Lovejoy.  

What did you learn from writing Lark Lovejoy that you applied to Sissie Klein?
Lark Lovejoy was the first in the series, so I had to create incomplete storylines, threads I’d pull for subsequent titles. Later, I had to remind myself to maintain a narrower focus to write Sissie’s story. Other characters might become the star of future books, but this one was all about Sissie. 

If Sissie Klein Is Completely Normal was made into a movie, who would you cast in the leading roles? Ooh! Great question and fun to consider. Anne Hathaway as Sissie, Mila Kunis as Della, Tim Olyphant as Harlan, someone resembling Philip Seymour Hoffman (RIP) as Caleb, and so many possibilities for Meg.

Which TV series are you currently binge watching? 
I love Ted Lasso

What is something you have learned about yourself during the pandemic?
I missed being around other humans—not only for companionship, but to people-watch and collect material to make my characters more realistic. 

What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Those little Heath and Butterfinger bars. They’re terrible on your teeth, but so yummy! 

Thanks to Kris for chatting with us and to Get Red PR for sharing her book with our readers.

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