Thursday, October 29, 2020

Spotlight and Giveaway: Sorrow

Today we are pleased to feature Sorrow by Tiffanie DeBartolo. Thanks to Books Forward, we have TWO copies (and some book-themed swag) to give away!

From Tiffanie DeBartolo, author of God Shaped Hole, How to Kill a Rock Star, and Grace: The Jeff Buckley Story, comes Sorrow, a poignant story about friendship and love, art and music, and how these pursuits can save us from ourselves. 

Joe Harper has backpedaled throughout his life. A once-promising guitar prodigy, he’s been living without direction since abandoning his musical dreams. Now into his thirties, having retreated from every opportunity he’s had to level up, he has lost his family, his best friend, and his self-respect. 
But Joe finds an unlikely path to redemption when he starts working as a carpenter for the bohemian conceptual artist October Danko. The job returns him to his hometown, loaded with bittersweet reminders of his former life, in the shadows of his beloved redwood trees. As Joe’s relationship with October develops, he yearns to take a daring step toward a bold future, but struggles to escape the craven decisions of his past.

Sorrow is a stunning, moving novel that explores masculinity and suspended adolescence, all the while
begging the questions: Can courage be learned? And is it ever too late to follow your heart?

"This novel is a rare gem: a profoundly warm, witty story about art, love, and the journey of the soul from my all-time favorite author. Worth the wait! DeBartolo's emotionally rich characters remind us that it is both painfully difficult and astonishingly beautiful to be human."
— Colleen Hoover, New York Times bestselling author

“An art-infused story about love with achingly beautiful characters.”
— Tarryn Fisher, New York Times bestselling author

Tiffanie DeBartolo
grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, where she insists there was nothing to do but read books and listen to music. It’s no surprise that after graduating high school a year early to study
philosophy at UC Berkeley, she became a writer and founded a record label. Her previous works include God Shaped Hole (2002), How To Kill a Rock Star (2005), the graphic novel Grace: Based on the Jeff Buckley Story (2019), and the film Dream for an Insomniac (1996), which she wrote and directed.

Tiffanie is the founder and Chief Executive Super Goddess of Bright Antenna Records, whose roster includes The Wombats, Sports Team, Wilderado, Prep, and more. She also co-founded the ShineMaker Foundation, a charity organization dedicated to making the world a better place. And she is a faculty member of the Jackson Hole Writers Conference, where she teaches writing every June. She is also a runner, hiker, yogi, traveler, cook, poet, artist and feminist. Tiffanie lives in Mill Valley, California, with her husband, Scott Schumaker, and her two Irish Wolfhounds, Dipsea and Kazoo.

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Melissa said...

When I left a job and focused on my health, that is a prime example of following my heart.

Anonymous said...

Doing what is best for me and my family. Thanks for your generosity. Linda May

Anonymous said...

Karen B
When I got a divorce many many years ago.

traveler said...

Helping, giving and being there for my family all the time.

Nancy P said...

The many times I have taken a leap of faith when nobody else believed in me.

Mary Preston said...

When I married the Mister.

diannekc said...

When I adopted my cats.

jodi marinich said...

when my husband and i decided to follow our heart and have children even though it wasnt easy to conceive

bn100 said...

all the time

Peggy Russo said...

When I left a job that I really loved because my boss was verbally abusive and I couldn't get management to do anything about it. They fired her 6 months later and tried to get me to come back but I refused. I was so happy that I stood up and refused to take it anymore.

Nancy said...

I followed my heart when I married my husband!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

sam m said...

When I left my sons dad and got out of that abusive relationship. He has messed with my head so bad I haven't dated in over 5 years. Yes I go to therapy and no he is not present we actually haven't seen him since we left him.