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Kerry Lonsdale's road trip a book giveaway

We're always glad to have Kerry Lonsdale at CLC. Melissa is a fan of her writing and has read all of her books. She loved Kerry's latest novel, Side Trip, as shown by her review. In honor of Kerry's publication week, she's here to talk about music and is sharing a list to go along with this novel. Thanks to Kathleen Carter Communications, we have one copy to give away!

Side note: We just realized Kerry was here on July 9th "last summer," as well. What are the odds?!?

Kerry Lonsdale is the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Amazon Charts & #1 Kindle bestselling author of standalone and series-based emotionally charged domestic drama. A mash-up of domestic suspense, family drama, and contemporary romance, her novels straddle genres, and with over twenty-seven foreign language translations, they appeal to a wide, global audience. She lives in Northern California with her husband, teenage son and daughter, two cats, and an aging Golden Retriever convinced she’s still a puppy. When Kerry’s not writing, she can be found binge-watching anything with big CGI effects or high drama. She’s a sucker for stories about second chance romance, strong women overcoming odds, and families with dark secrets.

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With her deceased sister’s Route 66 bucket list in hand, California girl Joy Evers sets out on a cross-country road trip to meet up with her fiancĂ©, checking off the bullets along the way.

Singer-songwriter Dylan Westfield has a serious case of wanderlust and a broken-down car. Stuck at a diner between LA and Flagstaff, he meets Joy, his complete opposite. She’s energetic. He’s moody. She’s by the book. He’s spontaneous. She believes in love at first sight. He thinks love is a complicated mess. But Joy has a brand-new convertible.

They strike a deal. She’ll drive him to New York. He’ll pay for gas. Only three rules apply: no exchanging of last names; what happens on the road, stays on the road; and if one of them wants to take a side trip, they both must agree.

A heart-stirring love story that spans a decade, Side Trip explores what-if. What if Joy and Dylan had exchanged last names? What if he’d told her she made him believe love was worth the risk? And what if they hadn’t made that second deal when they couldn’t say goodbye? (Courtesy of Amazon.)

Music is a Side Trip

Music has always had a role in my life, from the cassette tapes of long ago summers played repeatedly until the ribbon wore thin to the steel string guitar I plucked away at. Guitar lessons eventually stopped but my love of music played on, which is probably why, in some fashion or another, it is featured in each of my novels, whether namedropping a musician or having my characters listen to a song.

In my latest novel Side Trip, music takes a more central role. Dylan Westfield, one of the main characters, is a singer-songwriter. He and my other character, Joy Evers, take a road trip cross-country on Route 66, listening to and playing tunes as they go. Because what’s a road trip without music?

I’ve put together playlists for previous books, but this is the first playlist where the music was either featured in the book or the selection strongly influenced by the story. It’s also the first book that features lyrics for a new song written by my daughter Brenna. I’m thrilled to share a verse with you.

Sixty-six is where you’ll find
The girl with her hand wrapped in mine.
Naked lips with eager sighs
For a simpler life she has tried.

I’m also thrilled to share Side Trip’s playlist with you first. When you read the book (which I hope you do), listen while you read to enhance your reading experience:

  1. "New Light" by John Mayer
  2. "Route 66" by Chuck Berry
  3. Sincerely by The McGuire Sisters
  4. "California Girls" by The Beach Boys
  5. "Heaven is a Halfpipe" by OPM
  6. "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies
  7. "The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire
  8. "Free Fallin'" by Tom Petty
  9. "Disconnected" by Face to Face
  10. "(He’s My) Dreamboat" by Connie Francis
  11. "Hit the Ground Runnin'" by Keith Urban
  12. "A Movie Script Ending" by Death Cab for Cutie
  13. "Knockin' On Heaven’s Door" by Bob Dylan
  14. "Dancing in the Moonlight" (featuring NEIMY) by Jubel
  15. "Roller Coaster" by blink-182
  16. "One Day" by Major Murphy
  17. "California - Tchad Blake Mix" by Phantom Planet
Side Trip’s playlist is available on Spotify.

Happy Listening!

Thanks to Kerry for visiting with us and to Kathleen Carter Communications for sharing her book with our readers.

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traveler said...

Music adds great enjoyment and gives me pleasure.

Linda Marie said...

I love music, it makes me feel alive, I listen to it in my car, at home and everywhere I can.

Padmini Rao said...

Music takes me away to another place. I listen to music in my car and home. I love to workout to music.

Nancy P said...

It plays a big role. It relaxes & uplifts me. One of the treasures of life.

Mary C said...

With so many different genres, I can always find music to fit my mood.

Nancy said...

I enjoy listening to various genres of music.

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Music brings me happiness.

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Music relaxes me when I'm stressed.

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Mostly I listen to it in my car.

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Music does not play a role in my life.

Melissa said...

For me, music is a staple. I'm always singing along to the radio and a song can transform my whole day or bring me comfort. A song can bring me back to certain points in life.

Peggy Russo said...

I'm always listening to something. If it's not a book it's music. It's definitely a must have in my life.

Tatum Rangel said...

Music inspires me while I write.

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I have music on all the time. It's great background sound, it's inspiring, and it's entertaining.


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it's fun to have on

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Have the radio on in the car whenever I am in there!

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It takes me back to a simpler place in time.

Donna E said...

I love music, although I do have to admit not all (metal, hard rock, rap, other 'noise'). I most like instrumental music, even when I know the words -- especially hymns.
I played clarinet from 4th grade through senior year of high school-- never very good, usually sitting in 3rd section.