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Book Review: You Make It Easy

By Sara Steven

When I agree to rent my barn-house to my sister’s best friend, I have no idea I am also agreeing to be her online dating coach. Falling for Abbie isn’t part of the plan, still I find myself creating a fake online dating profile so she can get to know me...the real me. Without the playboy reputation ruining my chances.

If only I can convince her that I’m not a heartbreaker. I’m tired of being condemned by my past before I have a chance to prove myself. Prove she’s exactly what I need in my life. Being with her makes the world feel right.

But when my past interferes with our relationship, will I be able to show her she’s the only one for me? (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads)

I’ve read nearly every book in the Love in Everton series, and Abbie and Finn’s story was the perfect addition! I appreciated the contrasting personalities between both characters. Abbie is quiet and shy, an introvert who has always preferred to be the wallflower vs. the center of attention. Finn is well-known in Everton, with a reputation for being quite the ladies’ man. He’s extroverted and has no trouble with receiving attention, whether it’s good or bad. He’s been well aware of who Abbie is over the years, yet it’s apparent he’s never really taken the time to get to know who she really is. The same can be said for Abbie and her overall view of what kind of man Finn is. When they both let their guards down, sparks fly!

I loved the slow to build passion for this potential couple. Finn wants to try a different approach with Abbie, and it’s funny how at times she expresses her displeasure on how slow he wants to go with their relationship. It shows that he wants to do right by her, discovering that they bring out the best in one another, that Finn’s self-confidence helps Abbie to feel more courageous, while Abbie’s self-reflection teaches Finn self control. Of course, as with all Everton books, we see plenty of explosive combustive scenery, a great perk that completes this couple’s story. It adds a layer of heat, something I’ve come to appreciate with Francisco’s stories.

Unfortunately, as is often the case in small towns, everyone knows everyone else’s business, and that is no exception for Abbie and Finn. While Abbie has known about Finn and his reputation, she assumed she could overcome it. That the other residents in the town wouldn’t care who he chooses to date. But there are many who just can’t see these two contrasting personalities making it work, feeding into Abbie’s insecurities. Will there ever be a future for this couple, in a town where other’s expectations might dictate the outcome?

You Make It Easy is a story based on the relationship between Abbie and Finn, yet it also highlights on how easy it can be to fall trap to how others perceive things, and how hard it can be to overcome a lot of insecurities that so many of us have carried around for years. It’s easy to pigeon-hole someone based on how they used to be, or their past experiences, and it’s an even harder time to see someone for who they are now. Throw in preconceived notions on what it means to be a player/geeky/shy/extrovert, and you have a story that ultimately makes the reader think, “Is it really fair to judge?” Ultimately, as both characters discover, the choice is up to them.

Thanks to Fabiola Francisco for the book in exchange for an honest review.

Title: You Make It Easy

Series: Love in Everton, 5

Author: Fabiola Francisco

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Trope: Best Friend's Brother

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