Friday, March 1, 2019

What's in the mail

Melissa A:
Is There Still Sex in the City? by Candace Bushnell from Grove (e-book via Netgalley)
I Wish You Happy by/from Kerry Anne King (e-book)
One Night at the Lake by Bethany Chase from Ballantine (e-book via Netgalley)
Mrs. Everything by Jennifer Weiner from Atria (e-book via Netgalley)
Because You're Mine by Rea Frey from St. Martin's Press (e-book via Netgalley)

Again, but Better by Christine Riccio from St. Martin's Press (e-book via Netgalley)
Vacuum in the Dark by Jen Beagin from Scribner (e-book via Netgalley)
The Chelsea Girls by Fiona Davis from Kathleen Carter Communications
The Guest Book by Sarah Blake from Flatiron
Gillyflower by Diane Wald from BookSparks
Scarlet's Confession by/from Joanna Garzilli (e-book)
Bethlehem by Karen Kelly from St. Martin's Press
In the Neighborhood of True by Susan Kaplan Carlton from Algonquin (e-book via NetGalley)

The Golden Hour by Beatriz Williams from HarperCollins
A Family of Strangers by Emilie Richards from HarperCollins

The Last Woman in the Forest by Diane Les Becquets from Berkley (e-book via NetGalley)

The Pact by/from Steven Scaffardi (e-book)
Sparks in Love by Susan Sparks from Strategies (e-book)
Emily Gone by/from Bette Lee Crosby (e-book)


Bekah Loves Blog said...

Oooh! Can't wait to hear about "Is There Still Sex and the City"

Grandma Cootie said...

Life in general is disruptive - health, grown children needing help . . . . but it all works out.