Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Spotlight: Between the Lies

Chloe Daniels regains consciousness in a hospital with no memory of how she got there. She doesn't recognize the strangers who call themselves family. She has no sense of who she is—or was.

She can't even remember her own name. But once Chloe returns to her childhood home, she slowly starts to piece together the details of her life. A house by the sea. A successful career. The car crash that caused her to lose it all...

Her loved ones tell her that they want what’s best for her and so does her therapist. But how can she put her trust in those she doesn’t know? And why are certain details from others’ stories about who she is, and what really happened to her, not adding up? Chloe has a deep, visceral sense that someone is lying to her, that there is a world of dark secrets she cannot access—yet. The person she used to be may be gone. But the new Chloe will stop at nothing in her quest to find the truth...even if it kills her.

Between the Lies can be purchased here.

Michelle Adams is a British writer living abroad in Cyprus for the last four years. She is a part-time scientist and has published six science fiction novels under a pseudonym, including a YA dystopian series. She is also the author of If You Knew My Sister. Visit Michelle at her website and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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